Thursday, October 08, 2009

the following letter was sent to the hartford courant

and as far as i can tell was NOT published there. i believe mr drescher also sent it on to the manchester journal inquirer and i do believe it WAS published there.

as you are aware, smoke, fire and angels by mark robinson is a book and a subject that is near and dear to my heart. i was beyond appalled the courant prominently featured the OTHER book all over the front page for DAYS as well as all over their website for DAYS. it sickened ME and it sure as shite should have sickened the rest of the state world. the OTHER book never should have happened anyway. PERIOD. the OTHER book was written NOT to explain a story but to make a profit. of that i am sure

unlike the evil ugly filth spewed forth in the OTHER book, smoke, fire and angels tells the story of everyday brave heroic people. unlike the OTHER book, the proceeds from smoke fire and angels is going to a fund for the victims of the avon mountain accident.

just needed to get that off of my chest

and i'd like to thank mr drescher for his graciousness

Courant readers learned about two new books last week. The first is about the deadly Avon Mountain crash in 2005, written by Mark Robinson, a survivor. Based on interviews with other survivors, rescue workers and officials, the self-published book is an inspiring account of people coming together to save lives and help the injured. It is a remarkable effort. The author has earmarked all proceeds of sales to a fund to help other survivors. On Friday, the Courant placed a brief item about the book under Farmington Valley Local News.
The next day, the Courant reported on another new book, apparently based largely on the account of one of the accused killers of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters in 2007. This article appeared at the top of page 1 and jumped inside. The article says the author spoke with the accused three times in jail, and received letters from him describing his own relatively passive role in the events. Neither of the accused has yet come to trial. The article included lurid descriptions from the book and a self-congratulatory quote from the author.
The Courant’s treatment of these two books is striking. The crime-based book receives front-page attention, timed with developments in the pending trials of the accused killers. Robinson’s book gets a footnote. The Courant editors have delivered their own verdict on the significance of these books. I invite readers to decide which of the two is more deserving of their time, attention and money.

Howard Drescher
Mansfield Center

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