Saturday, September 03, 2011

i want to go!

Poquetanuck Cove: Spooky And Beautiful

Preserve Is 234 Acres On Banks Of Thames River In Ledyard

Nature's Path & Way To Go
At first, the description of The Nature Conservancy's Poquetanuck Cove Preserve in Ledyard seems to go a bit overboard. "Go back in time to when Native Americans camped along these shores to harvest oysters, and bald eagles soared overhead."
After a slight chuckle and roll of my eyes, I got out of the car and started my journey along the 1.5-mile trail that travels through the 234-acre preserve on the banks of the Thames River. After passing through a second-growth forest crisscrossed by stone walls with a half-dozen wolf trees seemingly standing guard next to them, the path entered a ravine filled with huge hemlocks. The bright, sparkling day had suddenly been turned into a spooky twilight................

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stupid connecticut crimes

yes, it's been a while, but it was indeed worth the wait!

Man Complains Shelton Police Don't Enforce Parking Laws

Gets His Wish And A Ticket

The Hartford Courant

A local man who called police on himself for illegally parking in a handicapped spot, and berated a dispatcher and officers for not enforcing parking laws was arrested early Thursday, and issued a parking ticket.
Michael Andes, 29, of Howe Avenue, called police at about 2 a.m. and told a dispatcher he parked his car in a handicapped parking spot without a permit because police don't enforce parking laws, police said. Andes called police 15 more times over the next several minutes and yelled at the dispatcher about the lack of enforcement.
When officers arrived they found a vehicle in a handicapped spot without a permit, and then Andes approached the officers yelling and screaming about the lack of enforcement, police said.............

my new ink

by john hinkle at green man

ravenwoman is an original work by john. fellini is an image i got off of the net

they were done last week. i'll take better pictures once they've fully settled down. these were taken with my phone.