Saturday, September 03, 2011

stupid connecticut crimes

yes, it's been a while, but it was indeed worth the wait!

Man Complains Shelton Police Don't Enforce Parking Laws

Gets His Wish And A Ticket

The Hartford Courant

A local man who called police on himself for illegally parking in a handicapped spot, and berated a dispatcher and officers for not enforcing parking laws was arrested early Thursday, and issued a parking ticket.
Michael Andes, 29, of Howe Avenue, called police at about 2 a.m. and told a dispatcher he parked his car in a handicapped parking spot without a permit because police don't enforce parking laws, police said. Andes called police 15 more times over the next several minutes and yelled at the dispatcher about the lack of enforcement.
When officers arrived they found a vehicle in a handicapped spot without a permit, and then Andes approached the officers yelling and screaming about the lack of enforcement, police said.............

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