Thursday, April 10, 2008

more on justin goodman, peta, animal experiments

at unconn. this time from
PETA Calls For Investigation Into UConn Cat Experiment
Activists: Animal Died After Holes Were Drilled Into Head

STORRS, Conn. -- Animal activities claim an experiment at the University of Connecticut resulted in the death of a cat.
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed a seven-page complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, asking it to investigate possible violations of the Animal Welfare Act at UConn.
Justin Goodman, an animal lover, PETA employee and UConn grad student, said a whistleblower came to him in January and told him a cat bled to death following an experiment on campus.
"They were drilling a hole into her skull so that they could place electrodes directly onto her brain," he said. "And while they were drilling a hole, she had a brain hemorrhage and started bleeding out and died."
He said news of the possible experiment gone bad was alarming.
"When you hear something terrible like a cat bleeding to death after having a hole drilled into her skull, obviously anyone would be taken aback," Goodman said............


wtnh, channel 8
PETA wants investigation at UConn
By News Channel 8's Bob Wilson
(WTNH) _ The University of Connecticut is responding to PETA's call for a federal investigation into research conducted on cats.
Justin Goodman investigates labs for PETA. He says an anonymous whistle blower came forward saying a cat was killed prematurely during medical research on hearing at UConn.
"These people are supposed to know what they are doing, and here they are drilling a hole into a cats head and she bleeds out, and has a brain hemorrhage before they can even conduct their experiment," Goodman said.
It is an experiment which is legal and funded by the government. UConn released a statement that says, "The PETA account, provided to the media, has several serious inaccuracies: the truth is that the cat in question was never paralyzed and did not bleed to death and the head veterinarian was present."...............

big baby

turns out it was YOUR own fault all along da liebs
again, BIG BABY

FBI: Lieberman campaign to blame for crash to its Web site

By Editor, on Apr 9, 2008

Stamford (AP)– Federal investigators have concluded that U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s 2006 re-election campaign caused the crash of its Web site the day before the Democratic primary with Ned Lamont.
The FBI says it has found no evidence supporting the Lieberman campaign’s allegations that Lamont supporters were to blame for the Web site crash.
Lieberman had implied that was hacked by Lamont supporters.......

and THIS interesting tidbit:
Okay, Lamont Didn’t Crash the Servers. But What Did Lieberman Do with His $387,000 Slush Fund?
By: emptywheel

In thoroughly unsurprising news today, the Ned Lamont campaign was cleared of any wrong-doing in the crash of Lieberman's server leading up to primary day in 2006. The Stamford Advocate reports that the FBI determined--way back on October 25, 2006--that Lieberman's campaign bears all responsibility for the server crash.
Case closed, right?
No. Not on the outstanding legal issues arising from the campaign, anyway.
As you might recall, the Lamont campaign
filed an FEC complaint, coincidentally just two days before the whole server crash case was closed in October 2006, noting that Joe Lieberman had a campaign finance entry for "petty cash" expenditures that were way beyond the legal limits: $387,000 of "petty cash."
The Friends of Joe Lieberman committee, and Joseph I. Lieberman, individually have violated the clear and unambiguous terms of 11 C.F.R. §102.11 in at least the following three ways.
First, according to the FEC October Quarterly report filed on October 13, 2006, the Lieberman campaign has petty cash disbursements amounting to $387,561.00, which is roughly 8 percent of its total disbursements, or one out of every twelve dollars spent. On several occasions, petty cash disbursements greater than $100 were reported, as supposed payment for “volunteers.” As summary of these disbursements from the Friends of Joe Lieberman report are attached hereto. These disbursements reflect patent violations of 11 C.F.R. §102.11..........

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

from the hartford advocate

a story on animal abuse featuring justin goodman
PETA member Justin Goodman says UConn has been drilling holes in the heads of cats

By Adam Bulger
PETA member and former University of Connecticut graduate student Justin Goodman is alarmed at what he says the school is doing with cats. Goodman, who made headlines (in publications that included this paper) in 2006 for exposing the treatment of Cornelius, a rhesus monkey used in experiments at UConn's Health Center, learned in January of UConn classes and experiments that he believes includes abusive and archaic practices.
An insider at UConn told Goodman about a study in the psychology department at the university's main campus in Storrs.
"This cat, who was being prepared for an experiment, she would have a hole drilled in her head [and] would be put in a sound-proof box for two to four days," Goodman said. "They would put electrodes in her brain and collect electrophysiological recordings from single neurons in her brain."............

connecticut for animals

from the cool justice report

Famous Douche Bag Case Noted In National Muzzle Awards

.....................ANNOUNCING THE 2008 JEFFERSON MUZZLES:Who were the Best Censors of Last Year?...........

.............Lewis Mills High School Principal Karissa Niehoff and Connecticut Region 10 Superintendent of Schools Paula Schwartz for not allowing a student to run for class office because she posted comments critical of school officials on an Internet blog.............

those wild and wacky

connecticut criminals are at it again!

Suspect Uses Umbrella In Windsor Locks Robbery

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

tell me

how a MERE 13 years is an 'appropriate' sentence for slavery and forcing minors into prostitution?

re effing diculous
Sex trafficker sentenced to 13 years in prison
NEW HAVEN, Conn.—Federal prosecutors say a man has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for his involvement in a sex trafficking operation that victimized children and young women.
more stories like this
Brian Forbes of East Hartford was sentenced in Hartford federal court. The 43-year-old pleaded guilty last year to several charges including sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion.
Acting U.S. Attorney Nora Dannehy says the prison term is appropriate for someone who victimized minors and enslaved women..............

Monday, April 07, 2008

i work for a large corporation

it is drilled into us, we CAN NEVER throw out ANY information that is sensitive. NONE. EVER. we MUST dispose of it in shredder bins. that has been the case for MANY years. recently, they even went a step further. we have a 'clear desk' policy. when we are away from our desks for more than an hour OR when we leave, we MUST lock our computer screens (in my department we all have laptops and docking stations. those docking stations are locked all of the time the laptops are in them) and we MUST have all sensitive information off of our desks. we even have a laminated piece of paper which states we're gone for the day and if you are going to leave something on the desk, seek out the person's supervisor and give that document to them, do NOT leave it on an open desk. mind you, we have a LOCKED building. it's impossible to get into unless you have a key card. during normal business hours, the front doors are unlocked, but there are security guards at the front desk. you can't get past them without setting off an alarm. (the guards are there 24/7 by the way). we even have some revolving doors at other entrances where you need the key card to gain entrance. those doors are so sensitive, they will back you out if they think there are TWO of you in one compartment (it has a scanner in it. i once tried to get back in after a smoke and i was reading. i had the papers out in front of me. the door, WHICH EFFING TALKS, told me i was a bad bad bad grrrl and it backed me out).
seems to me, people's bank is the one at fault here
Taking bank trash, Fairfield man claims security lapse
BRIDGEPORT, Conn.—A Fairfield man who claims security lapses after taking bank documents from trash bins is headed to court on civil charges that he violated a restraining order won by the bank.
more stories like this
For four months, James Hastings searched through trash bins outside People's United Bank branches in Fairfield County. He pulled out bags of paperwork with private information, including customers' Social Security numbers and account information.
The bank last month won a restraining order against Hastings, 56, requiring him to not discuss the matter or distribute paperwork. He has since been interviewed by the Connecticut Post.
People's Bank said Hastings is trying to extort money and claims he asked to be hired as a "fraud consultant." Bank officials also are demanding that the information be returned.
Brent DiGiorgio, a spokesman for People's Bank, said its primary concern is protecting the customers' information that Hastings has taken. The bank promises to provide a year of free credit monitoring to customers whose information was taken and has contacted affected customers, he said.
People's trains employees abut safeguarding customer information and the bank is reviewing its policies, DiGiorgio said.........