Thursday, April 05, 2007

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: the nomination was (suspiciously) withdrawn

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: the nomination was (suspiciously) withdrawn

ah and a bit more from the hartford courant

By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief, The Hartford Courant

................Connecticut's senators became active on opposite sides of the controversy.Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, took the extraordinary step in February of testifying on behalf of Fox, praising his civic work and calling him a man who "represents what America is all about."The day after the 2006 election, Fox and his wife each contributed $10,500 to Lieberman's Senate re-election campaign.Last week, Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-Conn., the second-ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, took a very different view.``His unwillingness to denounce the reprehensible activities of the Swift Boat organization, and express regret for providing $50,000 to bankroll the organization, convinced me that he would not be an acceptable candidate to represent the United States abroad," said Dodd, who usually goes along with presidential nominees...................

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

blue state coffee - check it out!

wow, an 18 year old with a heart and soul and conscience. andrew, i'm going to check out your website AND i wish you much luck in your venture.

blue state coffee

Liberal Causes Suit Start-Up Coffee Company's Tastes

By JANICE PODSADA, Courant Staff Writer

The average American drinks an estimated 23 gallons of coffee a year - about 400 cups, according to a recent study.Add a dollop of foam or flavor, and a cup of designer joe at a coffee shop can cost more than $4.
Those high prices didn't escape 16-year-old Andrew Ruben's notice as he and his father stood in line at a Wallingford coffee shop two years ago."It made me wonder, where is the money going?" said Ruben, who is now 18 and one of the founders of Blue State Coffee LLC, a Hartford-based coffee company.............

.............With everyone downing so much java, they reasoned, why not start a coffee company that donates a portion of its profits to worthwhile causes and organizations?In September 2006, they launched Blue State Coffee, a for-profit company. Right now, the company has only a website, but this June it's planning to open its first coffee shop in Providence................

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

you go boy!

a connecticut unit, keeping the peace

a rather nice story out of afghanistan. hurry home 102nd! we miss you and WE THANK YOU for your service.
(and thanks to the students of ms troy's and other classes at mathewson elementary school for the clothing drive!!! wicked cool)

Trained To Kill, Instead They Give For State Troops Returning From Afghanistan, Helping Children Made All The Difference

By JESSE HAMILTON, Courant Staff Writer
When U.S. soldiers settle into a strange land, such as the rocky borderlands of Afghanistan's eastern side, you can bet their best friendships will be with the smallest of the locals: the children.In Iraq and Afghanistan, the outposts and bases become suns in the orbits of area children, hoping for handouts and excitement and maybe an education about the armored strangers living in their neighborhoods

Some troops from Connecticut who have been in Iraq have learned a special wariness of children, who have sometimes been deadly, grenade-carrying pawns of the insurgency. But for a few Connecticut soldiers now in the Jalalabad area of Afghanistan, the bond with Afghan children is what they will take away from their year at war..........

............"You're trained to be aggressive, to fight, to kill. The hardest thing coming here is they're trying to win over the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan, so you have to take your aggression down a couple of notches," Troy said by phone from Afghanistan. His group has only been in a single long firefight, he said, and none of the soldiers was hurt."We came over here expecting to fight a war when what we're actually doing is trying to keep the peace.".........

a horrible shame

i'm sorry to the family and friends of officer burgos. i'm sorry his girlfriend had to witness this.

i heard about this yesterday morning. i stop and get my coffee VERY early. there are always some type of officers there. capital police. state police. hartford police. i heard a state trooper tell someone about this.

Hartford officer kills self

West Hartford-WTNH) _ A Hartford police officer on the job for about four years killed himself Sunday night, Hartford police said.
Officer Freddy Burgos shot himself outside a Walgreen's drug store on Farmington Avenue around 11:00 p.m............

Hartford Officer Commits Suicide

By HILDA MUĂ‘OZ AND TINA BROWN, Courant Staff Writers

A off-duty Hartford police officer committed suicide in his car in West Hartford shortly after 11 p.m. Sunday night, officials said this morning.Officer Freddy Burgos shot himself outside of the Walgreen's on Farmington Avenue near the Hartford town line, officials said. The medical examiner's office has scheduled an autopsy today............

..........West Hartford police were called at 11:03 p.m. about gunshots at 674 Farmington Avenue. When officers arrived the victim was being loaded into an ambulance, West Hartford police said.He was taken to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, police said. A hospital spokeswoman did not confirm that Burgos was at the hospital..............