Wednesday, June 02, 2010

there was a domestic incident in town the other day

where a man was arrested 3 times in 48 hours. i don't want to link to the articles, i don't want to print names. i think there are kids involved.

i just want to thank the west hartford police and i want to thank the powers that be, that made the bail so high the third time (i know it DID get reduced to 185,000 to make it MUCH EASIER for the alleged perp to get out - hey thanks to his pop and his sis and his attorney. but the police still did an outstanding job here. i fault the courts with the lowered bail. )

THREE TIMES he was caught bothering his wife (i'm being nice by using the word bother).

one would hope ANY father or ANY sister would not want to see someone be abused or threatened or hurt or have any sort of violence committed against them.................