Saturday, August 16, 2008

f**ked up. the annual giant asswipe award goes to


wicked effed up
if i lived in torrington and if these people are elected to the board, i'd kick EACH AND EVERY F**KING ONE OFF OF THE BOARD IMMEDIATELY
Torrington sex offender gets community award

Torrington (AP) -- Members of a Torrington baseball umpires' organization are defending the lifetime achievement award they have presented to a convicted child sex offender.

Fifty-eighty-year-old Tom Barbero received the award earlier this month from the Torrington Board of Approved Baseball Umpires. He umpired for the association at area baseball games from 1970 to 1998.

Board members say they knew about Barbero's criminal record and chose to honor him because his service and work as an umpire deserved recognition......

Residents Outraged After Sex Offender Awarded

An umpire, who is a convicted sex offender, was rewarded for his longtime contributions to the Torrington Little League, and some parents are outraged.Members of a Torrington Umpires Group are defending Tom Barbero, who was given the award. Some parents said the recognition was a "bad call."“I couldn’t imagine having my son around that kind of a person at all and then to give him an award… it’s just disgusting,” one resident said............
............Although calls to several board members were not returned, the board president is on record saying Barbero paid for what happened and still deserved the award for his service and work as an umpire, NBC 30 News reported..............

note: neither article lists the names of the board members. if they did, i would write each and every member a letter. i would also put them in touch the the sexual assault crisis unit. i'd want them to hear just ONE of the horror stories

Thursday, August 14, 2008

this is going in my connecticut blog

because part of the torture occurred in hartford. how can we allow this to happen? it is one of THE most vile things i have ever read. this is america. things like this just aren't supposed to happen. not only do we allow torture to our prisoners, we allow torture to our 'detained immigrants'. this man was in the process of applying for his GREEN CARD. he wanted to do the right thing. his wife is a citizen. his children were born in the united states so they are citizens. we allowed this man not just to die but to die in AGONY. we are savages and i'm sure half of us don't care

if you read this article and are not sickened, there is something very wrong with you indeed. how mr ng was treated is inexcusable. he wasn't a terrorist. (and even if he was, the treatment is indeed inexcusable). how can people claim to believe in whatever god they believe in and do things like this?

Ill and in Pain, Detainee Dies in U.S. Hands

He was 17 when he came to New York from Hong Kong in 1992 with his parents and younger sister, eyeing the skyline like any newcomer. Fifteen years later, Hiu Lui Ng was a New Yorker: a computer engineer with a job in the Empire State Building, a house in Queens, a wife who is a United States citizen and two American-born sons.

But when Mr. Ng, who had overstayed a visa years earlier, went to immigration headquarters in Manhattan last summer for his final interview for a green card, he was swept into immigration detention and shuttled through jails and detention centers in three New England states.

In April, Mr. Ng began complaining of excruciating back pain. By mid-July, he could no longer walk or stand. And last Wednesday, two days after his 34th birthday, he died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a Rhode Island hospital, his spine fractured and his body riddled with cancer that had gone undiagnosed and untreated for months.........

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the BEST thing i got when i went to northampton

(with matt) on monday is:

i totally forgot to post the picture along with the other ones. anyway, i got it at modern myths a comic book store

from the steamin' pile o' shite

formerly know as da liebs we get this spit in the face to his (former) party's candidate

Lieberman: Obama Has Not Always Put Country First

By Michael Cooper

YORK, Pa. – One of the McCain campaign’s new themes, that Senator John McCain has always put his country first, has been seen by some analysts as a subtle suggestion that his opponent, Senator Barack Obama, has not.

But as he introduced Mr. McCain at a campaign event here on Tuesday, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut made the attack a lot more explicit, calling the election a choice “between one candidate, John McCain, who has always put the country first, worked across party lines to get things done, and one candidate who has not.’’

Mr. Lieberman, the Connecticut Independent who was the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000, made the remark as he used his introduction of Mr. McCain to deliver a harsh assessment of Mr. Obama without mentioning his name..........

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

matt and i spent the day in northampton yesterday

we had fun and walked A LOT. we ate at a little tiny mexican joint (you could tell it was authentic. and it was VERY good). i can't for the life of me remember the name. i wish i could. i'd highly recommend it. you walked up to the counter to order then you sat down and waited for them to yell for you to pick it up. i even drank a presidente (from the dominican republic). then we went to a yarn store right in town (i never made it to webs). i picked up cherry tree hill oceania in spanish moss. 1440 yards of delight! (yarn picture is from the cherry tree hill website. all other pictures are mine). then we went to the record store downstairs. i picked up zap mama, sly and the family stone, cyndi lauper and cry cry cry by dar williams, lucy kaplansky and richard shindell.

we stopped at modern myths, a comic book and game store. surprisingly, i found a couple of things i wanted AND I'M NOT A COMIC BOOK READER. it was a nice store and matt was wicked happy.
we hit a couple of book stores as well. then we

we had a drink or two at tully o'reilly's and ended up at packards for dinner. it was pub food and it was fine. i liked the bar. it was comfy and the service was very good.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

the sunflowers have to be 8 feet tall

the flowers are formed, NOT bloomed yet. patience patience

(you can't tell how big they are, BUT THEY ARE BIG)