Friday, May 30, 2008

a very very very bad decision

just because someone is less than 18 years old, doesn't mean the constitution doesn't pertain to THEM too
NY court finds speech made outside of school can be punished
By Larry Neumeister
Associated Press Writer / May 29, 2008
NEW YORK—A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that a high school was within its rights to punish a student for writing critical comments about school administrators on the Internet.
more stories like this
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Lewis Mills High School in Burlington, Conn., has a responsibility like any school to teach students the boundaries of socially appropriate behavior.
"Vulgar or offensive speech -- speech that an adult making a political point might have a constitutional right to employ -- may legitimately give rise to disciplinary action by a school," the court said.
Avery Doninger was disciplined after she used derogatory language to describe the administrators in a blog entry she made outside of school in April 2007.
Doninger's mother filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming her daughter's freedom of speech rights had been compromised. A lower court judge ruled that the school acted appropriately in disqualifying her from running for senior class secretary..........

i'm part of a team presenting a proposal

to allow us (on a regular basis that is) to wfh (work from home) or telecommute at least one day a week. actually, my boss is very flexible on this to begin with. always has been, even prior to this absurdity. i work lots of fridays at home (i AM going in to the office today though). perhaps i'll post my part of the proposal. it's the figures part. a colleague also designed a gas/money savings/earth savings calculator. i'm also taking a picture of the same three gas stations each day to compare prices. i have only been doing this two days. wednesday one station was 4.15, the next was 4.19 and the other was 4.25 (the 4.19 and 4.25 are right across the street from each other. why would someone go to the 4.25 one?????????????). thursday they were, 4.19, 4.25 and 4.32. i haven't gone by them today yet. and of course you realize connecticut has THE highest gas prices out there..

Workers shifting to 4-day week to save gasoline
Andrea HopkinsReuters US Online Report Top News
CINCINNATI (Reuters) - When Ohio's Kent State University offered custodial staff the option of working four days a week instead of five to cut commuting costs, most jumped at the chance, part of a U.S. trend aimed at combating soaring gasoline prices. "We offered it to 94 employees and 78 have taken us up on it," said university spokesman Scott Rainone.
The reason is simple: rising gas prices and a desire to retain good workers. And while so far only the university's custodians are eligible, Rainone hopes the option will be offered to all departments -- including his own.
"In our office, we have people who travel anywhere from five or six miles to a couple who are on the road 45 to 50 minutes," Rainone said. "As the price of gas rises, the level of grumbling rises."
Regular gasoline averages $3.94 a gallon in the United States, up 33 cents in the past month and 88 cents since the beginning of the year, the Energy Information Administration said this week.
The federal government has offered four-day workweeks to eligible employees for years as part of a flexible work program that also includes telecommuting........

boycott dunkin' donuts ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: my third posting on this shite#links#links

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: my third posting on this shite#links#links

Thursday, May 29, 2008

i'm going to try to post

pictures of the cost of gas on a daily basis. i'll attempt to get the SAME stations.

here are two examples of what i found yesterday at bishop's corner. i know there are cheaper stations and i'll try to get one of those as well.

connecticut has THE highest gas prices by the way

Connecticut Has Priciest Gas In U.S.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

da liebs

at it AGAIN. honoring a man who spouts evil. spouts fear. spouts HATE.

instead of denouncing the lunacy, da liebs is embracing it
(when will they realize these types of 'christians' are praying for the day ALL of the jews are WIPED OUT and they (the 'christians') are left with the 'promised land'? they don't give two flying yoo hoos about jews. they just think god will wipe them (the jews) out along with all of the other infidels and they (the 'christians') will be left with ALL OF THE BOOTY including israel.
when will peeps (like da liebs) realize peeps (like hagee) want all jews dead?

Joseph Lieberman To Headline Upcoming Pastor Hagee Summit
Max Blumenthal
Senator Joseph Lieberman is scheduled to headline Pastor John Hagee's 2008 Christians United For Israel Washington-Israel Summit this July 22. In accepting Hagee's invitation, Lieberman became the most senior elected representative confirmed to appear at the annual gala. Last year, when Lieberman spoke at Hagee's summit, he compared the Texas televangelist to the biblical prophet Moses, dubbing him "an Ish Elochim," or "a man of God." Unless he rescinds his pledge to appear at this year's summit, Lieberman can be expected to deliver another soul-stirring tribute.
Hagee's vitriolic
condemnation of Catholicism, his jeremiad declaring Hurricane Katrina divine punishment for New Orleans' hosting of a "homosexual rally," and his generally disturbing apocalyptic theology became national news last February when John McCain accepted his endorsement in a widely publicized ceremony. ..........

Monday, May 26, 2008

hmmmm i didn't even know

he had a step-son.

Lieberman's Step-Son: I'm Voting For Obama

There's one less Democrat listening to Sen. Joe Lieberman. Rabbi Ethan Tucker, the senator's step son, offered up his opinion on the difficulties facing Obama in reaching out to the Jewish community:

Tucker, 32, the biological son of Lieberman's wife, Hadassah, opines that an age split is apparent within the Jewish community in attitudes about Obama (as has also been shown in the overall Democratic constituency). Tucker, as paraphrased by reporter Jodi Kantor, asserts that younger Jews "have grown up in diverse settings and are therefore less likely to be troubled by Mr. Obama's associations than their elders."..........