Saturday, January 10, 2009

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: some GOOD news???????????

ravings of a semi-sane madwoman: some GOOD news???????????

i'm posting this because it's interesting

not because i agree with it. i'm of the belief a dog (or cat) should sleep INSIDE with the family. i'm not a believer in keeping dogs outside in doghouses. it is not within me to do such a thing.

it's a tough call though. i know these types of dogs LOVE the snow. i don't know if they love to pull sleds or not, but i'm guessing they do. i just don't know if they love to pull them for 100 miles or so.

but like i said, it's an interesting story

A Rare Connecticut Musher Marshals the Dogs

AS she begins her fifth season of competitive sled dog racing, Kathy Lesinski said her family has finally accepted that mushing is her prime pursuit.

Not that she can blame them for not taking her racing of Siberian huskies seriously at first — it’s hardly a burgeoning occupation in Connecticut, where dense development and a dearth of snow pose major training challenges.

She and her husband, Bill, have found ways to overcome those challenges — hustling their 15 dogs out for 3 a.m. training sessions when the weather will be too warm for the thick-coated dogs during the day, using an all-terrain vehicle instead of a sled when there is no snow and heading to New Hampshire for long periods during the racing season from November through March to find colder temperatures and more predictable snowfalls for 30-mile training runs...........

picture: Three Pairs Photography/Barry Millman

GO! Kathy Lesinski and some of her huskies in a 60-mile race last year in New Hampshire. She placed first.

Friday, January 09, 2009

here is some feedback i just left

nbc connecticut's website (formerly nbc30)

why do we need hef's 'smoking hot' girlfriend on the first page of your website? i really want to know
(the following was NOT a part of my feedback)
talk about objectifying women...........
also, tell me HOW this is news?
if i wanted this crap, i'd go to the playboy website OR tmz OR entertainment weekly OR some other site. really now

Thursday, January 08, 2009

let's keep our fingers crossed

this looks good for now! i like what mr schroeder had to say (in larger type below)

'Savior' of Connecticut Papers Says Local Control Will Succeed

By Joe Strupp
NEW YORK Michael E. Schroeder, the incoming owner of two Journal Register dailies in Connecticut that were facing closure, says he can make them succeed by being a local operator.

Schroeder, whose background includes 15 years at Newsday and a stint running a failed Boston free weekly last year, plans to move from his Huntington, N.Y., home to an apartment near The Bristol (Ct.) Press and The Herald of New Britain by the end of the month.

"I am looking forward to being part of the community and rebuilding these newspapers," said Schroeder, 50, whose intent to purchase those two dailies was announced Wednesday. "I believe you have to be part of the community you are serving. You can't phone it in."......

New deal set to save Bristol Press
Press staff
NEW BRITAIN — With less than two weeks before staff at The Bristol Press and The Herald of New Britain were scheduled to cover their keyboards and lock the doors for the final time, a last-minute buyer has appeared to save the newspapers.

Publisher Edward Gunderson announced Tuesday that Michael E. Schroeder, owner of Central Connecticut Communications, has entered into a letter of intent to buy the two daily papers. The sale, which should be complete within two weeks, includes three weeklies: the Wethersfield Post, the Newington Town Crier and the Rocky Hill Post.

“We look forward to building upon the rich history of these properties as local businesspeople,” Schroeder said. “We plan to work with current staff, readers and advertisers to produce papers, Web sites and other media that successfully educate, inform and entertain the communities they serve.”.......

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

stupid connecticut (alleged) criminals

there it is again, the 'alleged' word. one MUST use it if the person one is talking about has NOT been convicted.

however, it pains me to do so in this case.

if in fact ms earley was DRUNK she deserves to have her child taken away from her IMMEDIATELY (and in my most humble opinion FOREVER)

if ms earley was indeed imbibing at a bar WITH A THREE WEEK OLD BABY (as i understand it, ms earley didn't 'allegedly breastfeed her baby until AFTER she left the bar) and walked out of the bar (allegedly) in a stupor, the bartender should be fired. if someone of management level was in the bar at the time of ms earley's alleged throwdown (of demon rum) the bar should be closed and shuttered forever.

if you read a rose is a rose from time to time you'll know a couple of things about me
1) i encourage and support breastfeeding anytime and anywhere*
2) i personally love to drink (i mention the half door VERY often. it's my home away from home. no, hell, it IS my home)

BUT to breastfeed while drunk that is entirely a different story. it is one of THE most outrageous, stupid, selfish, neglectful acts i have EVER heard of.

Mother Accused of DWB - Drinking With Baby

By Kyle Reyes
Middletown police have accused a Durham mom of bringing her infant daughter to a bar, drinking and then later breast feeding while she drank more booze.

Allanah Earley, 36, took her 3-week-old daughter to a bar, got drunk, then started stumbling around Middletown in the cold with the child, police said.

She made it to a friend's house, where she kept drinking and began breast feeding the baby, police said.

Earley couldn't stand up straight as police interviewed her, police said. Her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot, police said.

*in sobriety of course

i'm linking to this wapo article

for a reason. it's too far away for us to drive on over to the dc area to do our grocery shopping BUT if you're in the greater hartford area it's NOT too far to drive to the shield street plaza and do a little shopping at a dong (one of THE best, and might i add BIGGEST asian markets in the area). in my neighborhood alone (well within a couple of mile radius), there are a few smaller asian groceries (not to mention indian, thai, japanese, vietnamese, laotian, korean, greek/middle eastern and chinese restaurants)

A Dong Supermarket
160 Shield Street (off New Britain Avenue), West Hartford

(oh and while you're at it DO NOT FORGET cosmos international. indian grocery store on farmington avenue. Cosmos International
770 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford

if you want to buy something like spices WHICH COST A FORTUNE - go to cosmos. they have GREAT spices for GREAT prices (granted, you're not going to get them in those pretty little glass bottles.)

oh just stop in one of the stores one day. you won't be sorry. you'll have trouble identifying SOME of the items, but hell, you'll be able to find what you're looking for! just do it

A World of Bargains
Asian Supermarkets Attract Chefs and the Budget-Minded

By Melissa McCart
Special to The Washington Post
It's a busy Saturday morning at the Super H Mart in Fairfax City, where scores of people navigate carts down aisles, stocking up on the week's groceries. In the center of the seafood section, Yoon-Hee Heather Choi, a native of Seoul and a Fairfax resident since 1993, holds court as she leans over ice-filled bins showcasing the day's catch: silver mackerel, shimmery saury and whole squid, eyes aligned like dominoes.

"That squid looks great for calamari," says a man next to her.

"No," she says, then points to the fish counter behind her. "Go to the fishmonger and ask for small ones. They're sweeter." Whole squids slightly longer than a man's hand sell for $2.99 a pound, while smaller calamari the length of a finger cost $1.99, either size a fraction of the price at a Whole Foods Market ($5.99 a pound) or Giant ($8.99 for a frozen 13-ounce box)..........

Monday, January 05, 2009

bye mayor mike

i knew him. not well, but i did know him. i NEVER saw mike without a smile on his face. i never saw him NOT say hello to people. the man was one of THE BEST schmoozers i have ever seen in my entire life. you could just tell how much he enjoyed being out and about. greeting people, talking, telling jokes.
i never heard him quiet either. the man COULD and DID tell a mean tale. he once told me his mother (or his mother's family. not sure it was long ago) had something to do with opening the first and last tavern. don't know if it is true or not, but hell, when he told it, it sounded good to me!

'Mayor Mike' Peters Dies At 60; Struggled With Liver Damage
By EDMUND MAHONY The Hartford Courant

Mike Peters, the wise-cracking fireman who, over four terms as mayor, helped lift Hartford from a political, financial and crime-ridden funk, died just before 8 p.m. Sunday following a struggle with liver failure, family members said. He was 60.Peters had undergone a nearly eight-hour surgery last October to remove his cirrhosis-damaged liver and replace it with a healthy one. He had done well with the new liver, but developed complications with his kidneys. By Nov. 20, he was back in intensive care, and his doctors were considering a kidney transplant once he regained strength.During his time in office, from 1993 to 2001, Peters repeatedly was elected to serve as Hartford's last weak, or ceremonial, mayor. Armed with a revision to the city charter, his successor, Eddie Perez, would eventually gethat Peters always wanted but never had: Strong mayoral authority to shape the city's agenda.But powerless or not, Peters had limitless enthusiasm and he hurled it at his ceremonial office with great effect. Armed with only his personality, a not inconsequential weapon, he reinvigorated a city that, during the 1980s, seemed perched endlessly on the dismal brink of yet another failure................
The Hartford Courant
picture: In this 1998 photo, Hartford Mayor Mike Peters makes a joke as he speaks at a news conference at the state Capitol in Hartford. At left, behind Peters, are M. Jodi Rell, then the lieutenant governor, and then-Gov. John Rowland. (BOB CHILD / AP / March 19, 1998)