Friday, January 12, 2007

this article really DOES say it all

the king visited a base after his speech the other night. of course all of the troops on the base were FORBIDDEN to talk to reporters (i'd forbid them to talk to reporters too if i were the base commander. there is only one thing those men and women can be thinking). it's not that, that i'm upset with. it's the fact some of these troops will have to return to iraq apparently for a THIRD time. this is insanity. let's put aside how we invaded a country for NO reason (no LEGAL or MORAL reason that is). what are MORE troops going to do for iraq? do IN iraq? all of them should be brought home and NOW. raise your voices. let your elected representatives (especially da liebs if you're from connecticut) know YOU WANT US OUT OF IRAQ AND YOU WANT US OUT NOW NOW AND NOW

At Fort Benning, a Quiet Response to a Presidential Visit
By Peter Baker Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, January 12, 2007; Page A12 FORT BENNING, Ga., Jan. 11 -- The pictures were just what the White House wanted: A teary-eyed President Bush presenting the Medal of Honor posthumously to a slain war hero in the East Room, then flying here to join the chow line with camouflage-clad soldiers as some of them prepare to return to Iraq. There are few places the president could go for an unreservedly enthusiastic reception the day after unveiling his decision to order 21,500 more troops to Iraq. A military base has usually been a reliable backdrop for the White House, and so Bush aides chose this venerable Army installation in western Georgia to promote his revised strategy to the nation while his Cabinet secretaries tried to sell it on Capitol Hill...........
..Soldiers being soldiers, those who met the commander in chief Thursday saluted smartly and applauded politely. But it was hardly the boisterous, rock-star reception Bush typically gets at military bases. During his lunchtime speech, the soldiers were attentive but quiet.................

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do you know who jane bolin was?

i didn't either. she was a pioneer and she made it easier for those who came AFTER her. thank you ms bolin. i am guessing it must not have been easy for you

1st black female U.S. judge dies at 98; served in New York

By Samantha Gross, Associated Press Writer January 11, 2007
NEW YORK --Jane Bolin, who was the first black woman to graduate from Yale Law School and became the nation's first black female judge, has died at age 98.
Bolin's death was confirmed by Matthew Kovary, the press coordinator for the New York City Bar Association. Bolin's family contacted the association on Thursday for help arranging a memorial, the details of which were pending, Kovary said. He did not disclose further details of the death.
Bolin was sworn in by Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia in a surprise ceremony in 1939, becoming the first black female judge in the United States, according to the city's law department.
Assigned to the Domestic Relations Court, later renamed Family Court, Bolin fought racial discrimination from the bench. She worked to end segregation in child placement facilities and the assignment of probation officers based on race. She also helped to create a racially integrated treatment center for delinquent boys.
Bolin reflected on her status as a barrier-breaker in a 1993 interview with The New York Times.
"Everyone else makes a fuss about it, but I didn't think about it, and I still don't," she said. "I wasn't concerned about first, second or last. My work was my primary concern."
Her 10-year appointment was renewed by the city's mayors three times until she reached the mandatory retirement age of 70.
In a speech in 1958, Bolin discussed women's struggle for equal rights..........

Thursday, January 11, 2007

YOU voted for him, YOU got him

YOU also got his desire to send YOUR sons and daughters, YOU, YOUR family members, YOUR neighbors to be MAIMED OR KILLED.

for WHAT? in the king's case, oil. in da liebs case, a mistaken belief taking iraq out will calm the entire middle east (by calm i'm talking about empowering israel MORE)

to this day, i still DO NOT understand (or accept) why we are in iraq. no one has actually explained it in TRUE words

they are ALL a bunch of sick f**kers. ALL of them

Lieberman backs Bush 'surge'

Brian Beutler
Tonight, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who chairs the Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee, came out in support of President Bush's plan—already underway—to send over 20,000 more troops to Iraq.
"I applaud the President for rejecting the fatalism of failure and pursuing a new course to achieve success in Iraq," Lieberman said in a statement acquired by
RAW STORY. "There is no more difficult decision that a President can make."
However, Lieberman characterized the troop surge as a necessary strategic change in what he characterized as a "vital" fight to ensure our national security. "No objective is more worthy," he added, "than aiding a struggling democracy and supporting brave moderates who are in a life and death struggle against totalitarian extremists supported by Al Qaeda and Iran."
Lieberman, who has a history of taking hawkish stances on foreign policy issues, remains one of the most vocal of the few Democrats still supporting the war............

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

please be careful

FIVE racoon attacks in connecticut in the past TWO WEEKS. for this latest one, the woman must undergo rabies treatment

Woman attacked by rabid raccoon

(Enfield-WTNH) _ An Enfield woman is undergoing rabies treatment after she was attacked and bit by a raccoon.
There have been five Raccoon attacks in the past two weeks in Connecticut, three in Enfield and two in Manchester.
The latest happened Monday night in Enfield. Beverly Lanouette was attacked on her back porch and had to beat the animal off with a chair.
As soon as she saw the animal she knew it was rabid.
"It was a huge raccoon who meant business," she said. "It was very angry and growling and wouldn't let go of my leg."
All the other attack victims were dogs.............

more on the yale choir

thanks to steve, at a tenable belief for forwarding this on to me

still this is odd odd odd. they KNOW who assaulted the choir members. none have been arrested yet. the police did NOT take photos of the assaulted choir members. however the people whose home they were performing at DID. the owner of the home is a retired police officer AND lawyer by the way

Yale Choir Assaulted; No Arrests By SFPD

By Dan Noyes
Jan. 8 - KGO - Members of a renowned choral group from Yale University were attacked outside a New Year's Eve party in San Francisco, sending several of them to the hospital. Now the police department is coming under fire for its handling of the case.
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This does not look good for the city. Yale sends its popular singing group, The Baker's Dozen, on a holiday concert tour. And San Francisco sends the young men away bloody, bruised, and several of them seriously injured.
Laura Aziz sent her son, Sharyar, off on a concert tour with one of Yale University's singing groups -- he came to San Francisco over New Year's.
This is how the 18-year-old returned to New York last week.
Sharyar Aziz, Yale University Student: "Besides any bruising or scrapes to the face, the main injury that I suffered was I broke my jaw in two places."
Laura Aziz, Sharyar's Mother: "It was shocking. It didn't make any sense. It still doesn't make any sense."
The Baker's Dozen are a 58-year tradition at Yale. They've put out two dozen albums and toured the country, with appearances at the White House and Los Angeles Lakers games. When their winter tour brought them to San Francisco, retired police officer and department lawyer, Reno Rapagnani, arranged a New Year's Eve party at his home in the group's honor.
Reno Rapagnani, Retired SFPD Lawyer: "I had given strict orders to my daughter that if anything got out of hand that the party would be over." .............

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

this is an odd story indeed

not too much info either. i tried to get more info, nothing yet

Yale choir attacked in San Francisco

San Francisco-KGO TV) _ A renowned choral group from Yale University was brutally attacked while touring in San Francisco.
Several members of the group The Baker's Dozen were attacked outside a New Year's Eve party, sending many of the men to the hospital. One student had to get reconstructive surgery for his jaw.
The choir was performing at the home of a retired police officer and were ambushed afterwards by a group of men at the party. ........

a shout out to noel shepard and also to atlanta bread company (in south widsor)

so if you need baked goods, try to get them from ATLANTA BREAD COMPANY (also in newington as well as south windsor)

i bank at webster anyway (where ms shepard is employed and where they have supported her and her cause)

my company also supports volunteer efforts of it's employees. not only supports but ENCOURAGES them. even though they shall remain unnamed, a shout out to THEM as well

5 Nights A Week, An Angel Delivers

By BRITTANY OAT Courant Staff Writer January 8 2007

A 2-year-old wearing Spiderman pajamas pokes her head out of one of the bedrooms at Vernon's Tri-Town Shelter and brushes a rumpled strand of blond hair out of her face, revealing a shy grin.The smile is aimed at Noël Shepard, an angel of sorts who delivers bread to the shelter several nights a week."This is my favorite movie," the girl says, holding up the DVD of "Ice Age.""That's my son's favorite movie, too," Shepard says, with tears in her eyes.The Ellington woman turns away from the girl and the tears flow."I can't stand to see this," she says. "It breaks my heart."Julie Rybacki, the service coordinator and case manager at the shelter, rubs the girl's back. The girl curls her freshly painted big toe under her foot."Alice is fine," Rybacki tells Shepard. "She's well taken care of. Her face is just a little dirty. That's all."Shepard's delivery Thursday night was the first time she had come face to face with the people she started helping after a church member mentioned that Atlanta Bread Co. in South Windsor was throwing out its unsold baked goods. Now, five nights a week for the past year, she has been shuttling the baked goods to as many as seven soup kitchens and homeless shelters in Greater Hartford.The Tri-Town residents rely on donations to supplement the groceries they buy with their food stamps. Now that the shelter is over capacity with 16 residents, Rybacki said, they need Shepard's daily bread more than ever.............

Monday, January 08, 2007

connecticut or north korea?

when i read colin's blog this morning, i saw he had more information on the arrest of mr krayeske. INCLUDING the picture he took of governor rell (yup he really WAS taking a photograph. AND in that very same photograph governor rell is SMILING. she is NOT screaming in fear at the approaching alleged 'terrorist' mr krayeske).

colin also continued with a posting later in the day

seems governor rell knows NOTHING about this 'list' the homeland security and connecticut state police may or may not have. she has requested (and i give her credit for it. then again, i'm sure she has NO choice. i did like her letter though. great sentiments) a thorough investigation. if she's sincere or not, i care not. i just care she put it in writing AND something will now have to be done.

i also happened to be driving home at about 5 pm and mr mcenroe had attorney general blumenthal on. the last question colin asked him was about this 'list'. ag blumenthal also said a thorough investigation will be conducted.

governor rell's letter in part:

The parade was a public event, and moreover an event at which public participation was invited. People also have a right to protest – and that right is one of the fundamental freedoms of our state and nation.
Most importantly, security procedures must be uniform and consistent in order to safeguard both the people and places of Connecticut as well as our basic freedoms.
Accordingly, I am requesting that you review the circumstances of this incident. Specifically, I would like to know how this individual came to the attention of State Police and the circumstances under which his name and photo were provided to the Hartford Police Department.

new england stop of the day

the connecticut river