Thursday, February 05, 2009

funny thing happened on my way home from work today

i just have a regular old car radio/cd player. i don't subscribe to any satellite music channels. HOWEVER, when i was seeking channels i heard arte lange's voice. i stopped and yup, it was him. i then heard a few other of howard's pals (not howard). all of a sudden, i hear the "f" word left and right. "f" this and "f" that and mother "f" er and on and on. i definitely was receiving sirius radio signals. it lasted about 5 or 10 minutes. then it got all static again. it was around the college channels. around 88 or 89 point something.

well it was just ODD

i love crows and ravens

ravens are VERY intelligent. i don't say that lightly either.

i do see them in giant flocks (or murders) especially later in the afternoon, just before the sun goes down. i see them in west hartford and hartford. flying. hanging out in trees. calling out to each other.

Capitol Crows
Abandoning Flatbush For More Regal Roost, Do Black Birds Bode Ill For Budget?

By STEVE GRANT | The Hartford Courant
Those thousands of crows that roost in Hartford's West End trees on winter nights?

They've moved again — almost downtown.

After spending several years roosting near Flatbush Avenue by I-84, a colony of crows that sometimes numbers 15,000 or more birds has moved east, spending some nights in trees on the grounds of the State Capitol and of the Supreme Court and State Library complex across the street.

"They've been bopping around to different locations in Hartford," said Sylvia L. Halkin, a biology professor at Central Connecticut State University. Other nights they have been seen near Trinity College or the Mark Twain House or Putnam Street.

picture: Thousands of crows gather near Riverside Park at dusk in a communal roosting habit. The crows have been gathering in various locations around Hartford during the winter for years. (BOB MACDONNELL / HARTFORD COURANT / January 29, 2009)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

dick, i'd vote for you

in a hot minute. i'd vote for almost anyone EXCEPT for da liebs as it so happens.

however, i do like many of the things richard blumenthal has done for our fair state (of course i don't like ALL of the things he's done).

i hope da LIEbs is shaking in his shoes

Connecticut attorney general eyes Lieberman challenge
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who announced Monday he will seek a sixth term, is mulling a challenge against Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) in 2012.

Multiple Connecticut Democrats, speaking on condition of anonymity, say Blumenthal has begun informing influential members of the state's political class that he will prepare for a run against Lieberman............

hey you asses

it's HEAVILY SNOWING OUT. turn your effing headlights on. it's not only a law, IT MAKES SENSE AND IS INFINITELY SAFER (for me and all of the others that can't see you assholes driving down the street)

i met paul a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time ago

and haven't seen him in forever. i used to hang in bushnell park for the 'be ins' and the fiddle contest/festival. i loved the peace train. paul was special to hartford. he will be misse
thank you paul for the good times you gave me and THOUSANDS of others

Fiddle Contest Organizer Paul LeMay Dies
By WILLIAM WEIR | The Hartford Courant
With little more than charisma and force of will, Paul LeMay managed to turn an improbable idea into a Hartford phenomenon, bringing tens of thousands to the city for an annual fiddle contest.

LeMay died Friday of heart failure from complications of other illnesses. He was 65.

He started the New England Fiddle Contest in 1974, the same year he founded the grassroots arts organization, Peace Train Foundation. The first year featured a few dozen amateur fiddlers at Bushnell Park and an audience of about 1,000. Within a few years, the event would attract tens of thousands to the city; at the height of its popularity, 70,000 came for the fiddle contest.

"He really wanted Hartford to be a viable and happy place to be," said Cheryl Daniels, his partner of 30 years. "People would be able to see each other and be with each other and he would bring people together."..........

picture 2)Paul LeMay is photographed at the Riverfront Plaza dock, site of the 2002 New England Fiddle Contest. LeMay is the founder of the Peace Train Foundation and is the integral leader in bringing the fiddle contest to Hartford. (THOMAS CORDY / HARTFORD COURANT / August 13, 2002)

picture 1) Paul LeMay
(COURANT FILE PHOTO / May 13, 1974)
Paul LeMay of South Windsor stands by his renovated bus called "Peacetrain" in 1974.