Thursday, July 20, 2006

i knew it would happen; ned lamont is AHEAD of da liebs!

in a quinnipiac poll

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. -- A new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday morning shows that challenger Ned Lamont has pulled ahead of Sen. Joseph Lieberman.
The poll shows Lamont with a razor-thin lead of 51 percent to 47 percent over Lieberman.
The poll looked at likely Democratic primary voters...........

they're EQUALLY guilty in my eyes

this story made me cry. a nine month old baby with TWENTY SIX broken bones? some already healing, they were that old. a woman who was eight months pregnant assaulted / threatened with a box cutter by her 'boyfriend'. he goes to jail and does MINIMAL time, gets out AND SHE LETS HIM BACK IN WITH HER and the BABY? i don't care if he physically broke the baby's bones and she didn't - THEY BOTH ARE GUILTY and MUST pay. a nine month old is going to pay for the rest of HIS life AND he is INNOCENT. what kind of people live in this world?

Baby's 26 fractures lead to parents' arrest

By Heather Nann Collins , Journal Inquirer
When told in June that his 7-month-old son had 26 fractures, Hartford police say, Jimmy Smith didn't even flinch. Rather, the Massachusetts man - who was on probation for assaulting his son's mother last fall when she was eight months pregnant with the boy - didn't say a word, police say.
"He did not change expression or affect when he was told that his son has 26 fractures throughout his body," a detective wrote."It should be noted that Smith never referred to the baby as his son, or child, or even by his name ... calling the baby 'it,' and 'the kid,'" the detective, Sabine K. Nyenhuis, noted in an affidavit.On Tuesday, Smith, 41, was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court on 26 counts of first-degree assault, two counts of third-degree assault, and a single count of risk of injury to a minor.Prosecutor Sandra Tullius said the state filed one first-degree assault count for each of the baby boy's fractures. The charge is filed under the statute's "extreme indifference to human life" section, she noted.Smith is being held in lieu of $750,000, and returns to court July 31.The baby's mother, Drucilla Thomas, 38, of Fales Street in Hartford, also was charged. She was arraigned on single counts of first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, and risk of injury to a minor. .........

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


georgia is my kind o' babe too. my friend eric has a deaf dalmation. i believe it's genetic with the breed but don't know for sure.

Talking to dogs through sign language
(Killingworth-WTNH, July 18, 2006 5:00 PM) _ Dr. Dolittle had his own way of talking with the animals and now it can be as easy as sign language.
Two deaf Dalmatians are doing something totally unexpected. They're helping people learn sign language.
"You listen to your friend okay."
It's a sight to behold. Southern Connecticut State University Students are using sign language to talk with Georgia and Hogan.
SCSU student Timothy Edwards says,"I figured it would be difficult communicating with them."
Hogan and Georgia are Dalmatians and both are deaf.
Owner Connie Bombaci says,"Being deaf the belief was that deaf dogs should be destroyed."
The dogs were rescued by Connie and Jim Bombaci. She decided to teach both the American Sign Language.
"They're very intelligent. For Hogan to understand 65 signs when most dogs don't understand that many verbally, that says a lot."
Connie says,"Georgia. We think that she understands most of them but Georgia has a very different personality and if she doesn't want to listen to it she turns her head away." ............


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

wow, babs and i have something in common

who would have thunk it?????????????

Famous names on Lamont's donor list
Streisand, Newman & Soros support Leiberman's senatorial opponent

HARTFORD, Conn. - Some famous people are trying to help Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont defeat three-term U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman in next month's primary.
Entertainer Barbra Streisand, actor Paul Newman, billionaire financier George Soros, television producer Norman Lear and singer Jackson Browne all contributed to Lamont's campaign, according to campaign finance data filed Saturday with the Federal Election Commission.......

Spencer Platt / Getty Images file

Monday, July 17, 2006

it's not so much a party affiliation

with me. it's what i believe is BEST for the PEOPLE. until now, i've not been affiliated with a political party. i am now. i registered as a democrat when i found out ned lamont was going to run in a primary. lieberbush MUST go. period. it's not that he is going against the democrats, it's that he supports this horrid unjust war based on lies and vengeance and who knows what else. rest assured all of the other democrats who support lieberbush will be remembered as doing so by THEIR constituents (barbara boxer for one). it would be like me supporting tony soprano just because he is italian, as i am. well i wouldn't support tony soprano. ever CONTEST FOR CONGRESS War support drags Lieberman into primary dogfight Political neophyte closing in on veteran Connecticut senator - Marc Sandalow, Washington Bureau Chief Sunday, July 16, 2006 (07-16) 04:00 PDT Washington -- Six years ago, Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman was the Democratic Party's choice for vice president and the man seen as most capable of helping Al Gore defeat George W. Bush for the presidency.
Today, Lieberman's support for the war in Iraq has put him in jeopardy of losing his party's nomination for re-election, a threat so real he has already taken steps to run as an independent if he does not win the Democratic primary next month.
That a nationally known Democrat who has served more than 30 years in elected office could be rousted from his seemingly safe seat by a political neophyte has attracted attention around the country.
Some are calling it a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, a potential death knell to the hawkish "Scoop Jackson'' wing of the party, named for the late Washington Sen. Henry Jackson -- and a test of strength for the party's Internet-based advocates, who are unrelenting in their criticism of Lieberman.
Others caution against hyperbole, noting that one conservative Democrat's trouble in a Northeast state one-thirtieth the size of California with a population roughly half that of the Bay Area hardly qualifies as a national trend.
But nearly all observers agree that Lieberman would not be in trouble if he had displayed two attributes seen as critical to success among most Democratic voters: fierce opposition to the war in Iraq, and even fiercer opposition to Bush.
As members of Congress from both parties prepare for the November elections, and at least a dozen potential contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination begin to position themselves for the 2008 primaries, what is happening in Connecticut is being closely watched as a barometer of the political potency of Bush's Iraq policy.............

Sunday, July 16, 2006

if you knit

why not consider knitting caps for newborns. a friend at work and i have done it for local hospitals but i just became aware of this.

Campaign to knit baby caps aims to save lives

By John Christoffersen, Associated Press Writer July 15, 2006
STAMFORD, Conn. --Beverly Stevens, a 67-year-old retired nurse, stays up to the wee hours of the morning knitting baby caps. She can't stop stitching, determined to save lives.
The Ohio woman is among the volunteer knitters around the country who are planning to send thousands of baby caps to developing countries.
The grassroots campaign comes after a global report on newborn mortality in May found that about 4 million babies die in their first month of life, including about half of those in the first 24 hours. Simple measures, such as knit caps to keep babies warm, could help save many of those lives, according to the report by Save the Children in Westport.
"It seemed like such a simple, satisfying way to help somebody else," Stevens said. "I'm touching something that's going to touch a baby, a mother who I never met."
Save the Children, which is working on the initiative with the Warm Up America Foundation, set a goal of enlisting 75,000 knitters. The caps will be sent to Washington, D.C., by January and then to Malawi, Bangladesh and possibly other countries, said Eileen Burke, a spokeswoman for Save the Children.
"We felt this was an incredible opportunity to connect women in the U.S. with women and babies overseas," Burke said.
Stevens has recruited some 20 volunteers alone, though she's still trying to convince her husband. She sat by, frustrated over what to do, when Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters struck........

Details of the campaign can be obtained by calling (800) 728-3843 or on the Web: