Friday, June 19, 2009

adopt a classroom

there's only one in west hartford

sedgwick middle school

teacher emily genser says

.........My school is struggling to find funds to support good teaching. We have a large population of minority students, whose families fall into the lower and lower middle economic classes. Some of these students have learning disabilities, which makes writing very difficult. These students do not have access to technology at home, and it is a constant struggle to find an open day in our one computer lab. I want my students to have the same opportunities as those coming out of wealthier schools, yet they are falling more and more behind. Please support my teaching and help my students become competitive adults!...........

there are 40 in hartford to adopt
adopt a classroom


did someone hack into the

hartford courant website?

anything and everything you click on brings you to a yahoo error page?????????????????????????


Thursday, June 18, 2009

some rather good news for (what was formerly) the park road playhouse

and more good news for park road in general. i HATE HATE HATE what has happened to my center. i wouldn't go to west hartford center on a dare. it's (more) full of idiots (if that's possible) than ever before. are cars allowed in the area or just suvs with only one or two people in the gas guzzling giants? why do people find it so necessary to show off anyway? not just the cars that substitute for little or no genitalia but sitting out on the sidewalk of let's say farmington avenue to eat? why the f**k would ANYONE WANT to sit on a busy fume-filled street to eat? (why indeed)

Former Park Road Playhouse In West Hartford Reopening
|The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD — - The former Park Road Playhouse, closed last month after a nearly nine-year run, is reopening this month with new owners and a new name. Playhouse on Park will have its public opening with "My Show, A Choreographer's Story," by Darlene Zoller and her stop/time dance theater. Zoller of Vernon, Tracy Flater of Simsbury and Sean Harris of West Hartford are the owners of the new playhouse. Flater said the group signed a lease about a week ago. The Park Road Playhouse closed May 24 after staging its 50th play. Howie Hirsh, who founded it in 2001 with his wife, Linda, said their theater was a victim of the recession and rising costs.......

pic: Sean Harris, a theater director at Hall High School and one of three partners of Playhouse Theatre Group Inc., helps set up their new performance space, Playhouse on Park, taking over the old Park Road Playhouse. The theater opens June 25 with "My Show, A Choreographer's Story," by Darlene Zoller, another partner. The new owners hope to keep it active with "dance, theater, plays, musicals, youth activities, comedy, jazz to keep it vibrant," Zoller said. (RICHARD MESSINA / HARTFORD COURANT / June 10, 2009)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EXACTLY what we need

yet another shitty shopping plaza. apparently this one is going to be built on 'contaminated' land to boot! yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Developer looks to grayfields

what up wit connecticut

judges and councilwomen getting busted for dui s and harrassing the police?

After DUI Arrest, Councilwoman Reminds Police Of Her Power Over Their Salaries
|The Hartford Courant
GLASTONBURY - A town councilwoman arrested earlier this month on a DUI charge warned police as they were booking her that she is a member of the town council and that she "approves [their] salaries."

Surveillance video obtained from the police department shows Barbara C. Wagner, 59, visibly upset and frustrated as she is being interviewed in the police station following her arrest on June 2.............