Wednesday, September 07, 2011

i'm just wondering..............

if her name was juanita gomez or alia hamid or something like that................WOULD she have gotten the very same slap on the wrist?

you and i both know the answer

Socialite hardly punished for thefts

Greenwich, Conn. (WTNH) - A New York socialite accused of stealing two scarves in Greenwich worth about $12,000 got a slap on the wrist from a Connecticut judge.

o don't know who took the pic but this is where i got it

my pop's house was broken into and robbed yesterday

no one was home (thank the goddess) but still, it's disquieting

here's a brochure from the west hartford police on how to survive a robbery. this is of course if you are CONFRONTED by a robber (we were not)

speaking of the west hartford police, they did an OUTSTANDING job. a shout out to the officers and detective who came over. 

my pops called ME first when he came home and saw the door busted. then he called the police. i was minutes away so i arrived almost at the same time they did. my dad and i both entered the house and were in the front hallway. we were strongly reminded we should have stayed OUTSIDE until AFTER the police went in. that was for our safety. we didn't know if the robber/robbers were still inside. that's a point i want to pass on. if you notice anything amiss at your home, call the police and wait OUTSIDE until they arrive.

all in all, no one was hurt. the door was busted and is being replaced. some items were taken, but like i said, no one was hurt. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

pretty cool find in montville!

Montville officials find historic documents

MONTVILLE, Conn. (AP) - Sometimes, history just sneaks up on you.
Officials recently discovered a pair of original, centuries-old documents that provide a look into the community's earliest days — Montville's first known audit, from 1823, and meeting minutes from the North Parish Ecclesiastical Society in 1722 — tucked into a nondescript gray filing cabinet in the town's archives.
"It's like an independent comment on local town government," Historical Society President John Geary said.
Town Clerk Lisa Terry said the documents will be sent away for preservation within the next month, and then will be kept under lock for use by residents, scholars and historians..............

robbery on farmington ave WEST HARTFORD

don't know if there was any follow up and/or if they caught him. i can't find anything else 

West Hartford Police Investigating a Street Robbery on Farmington Avenue

The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD – Police are investigating a street robbery near 772 Farmington Avenue late Saturday.
A woman told police she was walking home from her waitressing job at a West Hartford Center restaurant 11:20 p.m. when a man approached her and asked if she needed help carrying her bag.
When she said no, he grabbed her from behind and tried to seize her pocketbook, slapping her in the face during the ensuing scuffle, police said.............