Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i just got home. i was listening to npr

90.5 on your radio dial

they were chatting it up with linda mcmahon. oh yeah! it was my purpose in life (of late) to make sure she does NOT get elected. now, i'm quadrupling that purpose.

i BELIEVE i heard her say (when talking about the recently passed health care bill) she was sort of happy and all that 30,000,000 peeps were going to be covered BUT the poor poor poor medical profession does NOT have enough doctors to do that kind of work (yes, i believe she really DID say that). but to make matters worse she was far less articulate than i am (and that's BAD). she said blah blah woof woof 30,000,000 blah blah woof woof poor doctors will not be able to treat those medical people (and by MEDICAL PEOPLE she meant poor people who needed care by doctors). what a c**t. i got that part right. she called people needing care medical people.

then of course she went on to talk about steroids in the wwe or wwf or whatever the eff it's called. and how women were and are treated and on and on and on. then she talked about how she donated money to rahm emanual because his brother ari asked her too. she didn't even know who he was (and i guess to what party he belonged)

my dear fellow citizens of the great state of connecticut do you really want another dope to be one of our elected lawmakers? i sure as shite don't

i CANNOT (and will NOT) listen to the whole broadcast. it's linked below.. you want to hear the forrest gumpette of connecticut, please DO listen

you MUST hear the part where she said it's ok the wwe had steroid problems and had violence against women and violence in general BECAUSE THEY WERE ON TV LONGER THAN GUNSMOKE AND LASSIE

Tuesday’s Where We Vote: Linda McMahon

Update: Audio of this broadcast available here. Rick Green of the Hartford Courant has already blogged about the show here.

by John Dankosky – After a few re-schedulings, the current poll leader for the Republican Senate nomination joined us on the show Tuesday. .............

hot DAMN i found the exact quote:

"“We are going to add 30-some million people onto health care rolls, which – on the one hand – is admirable. On the other hand, it has the potential of clogging the health care system, because we don’t have enough doctors today who are handling the treatment of medical people.”

i found it at john dankosky's blog

McMahon on Steroids, PG Programming, Health Care, and Emanuel

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