Saturday, September 01, 2007

the man IS living in a fantasy world

really he is. he's, at this point, delusional

Sen. Lieberman talks about progress in Iraq

By Chief Political Correspondent Mark Davis
......................"To me there's some significant progress happening in Iraq militarily. Al-Qaeda is on the run, Sunni tribal leaders have become our allies, death caused by sectarian assassination in Baghdad has gone down more than 50 percent," Sen. Lieberman said.Lieberman says he's frustrated by the limited progress made by the Maliki government but does not favor pushing him out."It is a choice that we have now in Iraq between this elected government struggling to make its way forward on the one hand and Al-Qaeda and Iran on the other hand.Lieberman is suggesting the U.S. should push for new provincial elections instead of trying to oust the current Iraqi government."The Sunni's, who boycotted the last election, are ready to come out again. Let let democracy work," Sen. Lieberman said........

does he think THIS is progress: Plane Carrying 4 U.S. Lawmakers Is Fired On in Iraq

an apology

i was minding my own bid-nez as everyone who knows me knows i am want to do. (yeah right). i wanted to get some shots of my sunflower. every year i plant sunflowers at the half door. (i did miss last year but that was a fluke). anyway, after i planted them this year, a person who shall remain nameless (romo) covered the area in mulch. i was livid. only one flower came up. i planted all types, big, small, gigantic and tiny. only ONE came up, the GIGANTIC one. it slowly grew and grew (and i do mean slowly). it's well over 6' tall with a sturdy thick stalk. it does have a flower on the top, BUT it's not yet bloomed. i'll keep my eye on it

anyway, as i was saying..........i need to say i'm sorry............

i went back inside and was enjoying a lovely beverage when i turned around and saw THIS:

(i'm told it's now well over 255,000 safe man person hours. it's, i believe he said 500,000)

of course i couldn't resist gently sharing my thoughts on black and blue square with the two nice gentleman seated at the table in back of me. i let it all out. in my own defense i DID preface my tirade with 'i know YOU'RE not responsible for this travesty. i know YOU are just working and feeding your families'. i am certain they were becoming uneasy and wondering who this nutjob was. i was making my own self uneasy.....i shut up (which is a rarity) for a bit and sent them over a drink. they were both very good sports and i do apologize. working on a project and being responsible for the idea of the project (or the TOWN GIVING THE PROJECT 50 SOMETHING MILLION DOLLARS WITHOUT THE TOWNSPEOPLE'S PERMISSION) is a totally different thing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

this is rather surprising

not that i don't like senator dodd. i do. i wish he'd grow a bigger three piece set though AND get tougher with king george and his court. DEMAND they stop. i know the senate can't impeach unless congress starts impeachment proceedings first, BUT senator dodd could certainly bring charges of crimes against humanity............

Fire Fighters to back Dodd in surprise move

By Sam Youngman
International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) President Harold Schaitberger told The Hill Monday that Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) has won the union’s coveted endorsement.
In an exclusive interview with The Hill, Schaitberger said Dodd was the candidate who had “earned their support,” and that his long legislative record on labor’s behalf was the key to winning the endorsement.

Schaitberger declined to comment on why other candidates, particularly those considered to be frontrunners, came up short. He said the Democratic field was strong but added that Dodd separated himself from the others by going beyond support for their legislative agenda and being “the guy who really carries our water” dating back to 1976......

is this a possibility?

yes, of course it is. i don't think it has high odds of happening though. but one never knows, do one?

da liebs! i haven't done a posting on his highness (he IS a member of king george's court after all) in a while.
where's the barf bag when you REALLY need it?

Posted by GottaLaff

This post, written by GottaLaff, originally appeared on Cliff Schecter's Blog
That's what Marjorie Cohn is saying on The Thom Hartmann Show. The talk started a few hours ago, from what they're saying. (not that it didn't occur to any of us earlier, but it's going around now) Per Cohn:
* It would stop the Senate investigations dead in their tracks.
* It would guarantee a Senate confirmation.
* It would change the balance of power in the Senate, in favor of the Republicans.
* And it smells of Karl Rove.
Her advice? Barrage the Senate with calls. Make sure this doesn't happen. It would be an unmitigated disaster.
CLIFF NOTE: On the bright side, if I am correct in my understanding of CT law, if this were to occur the GOP Governor gets to put in a placeholder Republican until 2008. Then there is a special election, and no GOPer is winning in CT with one year as an incumbent (expecially considering their choices).
We will get a real progressive like, I don't know, some guy named Lamont. And the Senate organizing arrangement does not change, so the miscreants do not take over. And Lieberman is then irrelevant forever. Just food for thought. ..........

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i want to do

i just sent my boss and his boss the link

i really can't think of a BETTER team building exercise!

Monday, August 27, 2007

pizza on the grill

(tofu pizza top, cheese pizza bottom)

Pizza or bread dough (it was way too hot to make dough this weekend so I bought some. It really WAS the first time I bought it. You know what, it wasn’t bad AT ALL – got it at Whole Foods)
Tomatoes (I used heirloom and a variety of grape and cherry tomatoes. Purple, red, orange, yellow, green) - washed
Olive oil
Sea salt
Herbs of your choice
Cheese of your choice (I used parm and gouda and muenster for my pop’s pizza) and I used
TOFU (for my pizza)
Mushrooms (I bought a pack of variety mushrooms. Oyster, shiitake, etc) -- cleaned
Artichoke hearts (I used canned and didn’t cook them with the tomatoes. If you used frozen, I would cook them)
Onions (I used a Vidalia)
Corn meal (all I had some some polenta and I used that)
Spray oil for the grill grates

I made little rounds (well none of them actually turned out ROUND) of dough and placed them in some corn meal. I let them rise a bit. (be sure you put a tiny bit of olive oil on BOTH sides of the dough BEFORE you place one side down in the cornmeal. This will also help prevent sticking on the grill)

In the meantime, line a baking sheet or cookie sheet with foil. Place some sliced tomatoes and grape/cherry tomatoes (if the cherry tomatoes were larger, I cut them in half. If they were small, I left them whole) on the sheet. Slice up some onion and place it on the sheet too along with the cleaned mushrooms. If you have any other vegetables lying around, throw them on the sheet too. Sprinkle liberally with sea salt (really go out and make the investment. Table salt WILL NOT do. It won’t) and pepper. Use any herbs that strike your fancy as well. Drizzle some (GOOD) olive oil (it’s up to you how much) over vegetables. Place under broiler for about 5 to 8 minutes. Turn or stir the vegetables once or twice so nothing gets burned. Let cool a bit then pour into a large bowl and stir.

Toss the little dough rounds onto your grill (I have a charcoal one, not gas. So I let the coals – I ONLY use lump/hardwood charcoal- burn down and get white hot. Remember to oil those grates!!!) CORN MEAL SIDE UP. Cook for a few minutes until you have some char marks – BUT DO NOT burn. Really they shouldn’t be on there MORE than five minutes. I also put them around the edges of the grill – in the indirect heat. Take them inside (unless you have a work surface outside). Place corn meal side down and on the side you cooked a bit which is UP now), place a tiny bit of parm (if you are using cheese). Then liberally place your tomato mixture. Top with some shredded cheese of your choice OR tofu (I freeze it for a couple of weeks, then defrost it. It takes on a chewy consistency). Bring back out to the grill and place corn meal side down. Cover grill and let cook for about five minutes (don’t try to move them before five minutes because they’ll stick. After about five minutes check the doneness. If they need more time, let them sit there. If not REMOVE AND ENJOY!

i'm old

i remember patrick as a VERY young kid. almost a baby. (he's STILL a young kid of course but i mean a little boy) i knew his father back (we worked together for more years than lots of people have been married) in the day but i didn't become friends with him until a bit later. when patrick was a boy. even though i don't see patrick's parents very often, they still have a very large part of my heart. they're dear, caring people.

i'm excited for him. i wonder how patrick will feel inking a friend of his pops?????

A CARTOON CLASS with Jon Squier of Collinsville when he was 8 influenced Patrick MacDonald's life. Meanwhile, the local artist, known for his ironic, humorous designs, developed an interest in tattooing. Now MacDonald is 22, and the two are opening a business together. A grand opening of the Main Street business is planned for Sept. 29. (RICK HARTFORD / August 22, 2007)

By MARK SPENCER Courant Staff Writer CANTON - When Patrick MacDonald was in the fifth grade he wrote an essay about his hero, Jon Squier.He had met Squier, a local artist and gallery owner, when MacDonald was 8 and his mother had enrolled him a cartoon drawing class Squier taught.MacDonald took the class, which fed his love of drawing, again and again. By the time he was in fifth grade he realized how hard it was to make a living as an artist. Squier was actually doing it - "living the dream" as MacDonald puts it - and as far as he was concerned, Squier was the man

These days, Squier and MacDonald are still teacher and pupil, though the roles seem to switch back and forth effortlessly between the two as they work together at Jon Art Tattoo, which Squier recently opened at 100 Main St. in Collinsville.Squier, 50, grew up in Cheshire and spent a good part of the 1980s as a street artist in New York City. He moved to Canton in the early 1990s and opened Jon Art Gallery, also on Main Street in Collinsville, where he sold his own work and that of other artists.......