Saturday, May 02, 2009

i LOVE this theater

i'm a movie addict. a movie snob (although i've been known to watch animal house more than once). i love foreign movies. surrealist movies. movies out of the ordinary. there aren't too many places in the greater hartford area one can see these types of movies (remember there was a time BEFORE dvds and BEFORE netflix and BEFORE blockbuster). cinema city (or whatever it's called now) was one, BUT for as long as i can recall, there has been cinestudio cinestudio with the kick ass old style rising curtain. (and the ONLY thing i don't like about it is NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT or DRINK. dang it would be nice to have a beverage there). my favorite seat is in the balcony in the very last row (on the end). thanks cinestudio for bringing so many wonderful nights to me.

Cinestudio At Trinity College, Now 40 Years Old, Is A Hartford Treasure

|The Hartford CourantIn 1969, a group of Trinity College students hung up two bedsheets side by side in an unused auditorium in the basement of the Clement Chemistry Building and projected a movie onto their makeshift screen. The next movie they wanted to screen was in ultra-wide CinemaScope, so they had to buy two more sheets. Forty years later, that auditorium has evolved into Hartford's premier art-house and vintage-film theater, Cinestudio. The venue is beloved by local movie fans not just for its usually flawless selection of classic and contemporary top-tier films but also for its look, which calls to mind movie houses of old. "The '40s and '50s were the pinnacle of motion-picture entertainment," says James Hanley, who was in that first audience in 1969 and still co-manages the theater today. "It was the last bastion of real cinema." Those theaters were the inspiration for the interior design for Cinestudio; the exterior of the building, built in 1935, was designed by the legendary architectural firm McKim, Mead and White..........

picture: Perhaps the best known feature of the Cinestudio experience is the working movie curtain, which rises vertically before every show. (STEPHEN DUNN, Hartford Courant / April 24, 2009)

Friday, May 01, 2009

the vote was 31 to 2

aren't you interested in who those 2 are? which two people think it's ok, think it's acceptable for someone UNDER 16 TO HAVE A MACHINE GUN? i'm guessing the dude mentioned at the very end of the article (click the link) is one of 'em. i am just sitting here shaking my head.

babies and machine guns. why is that acceptable to ANYONE?

are the 2 conspiracy theorists who think (like a bunch of wingnuts), the new president of color is a socialist with only one agenda - that is prying the guns out of your cold dead hands? i don't know but i'd certainly re-consider voting for ANYONE who doesn't have a problem with giving a minor a machine gun

Senate Passes Machine Gun Ban For Children
|The Hartford Courant
Prompted by the tragic death of an 8-year-old Connecticut boy at a Massachusetts gun club, the state Senate voted 31 to 2 Thursday afternoon to ban the transfer of a machine (gun) to anyone under 16.

The bill prohibits the physical transfer of such weapons to children - in response to the death of Christopher K. Bizilj, an Ashford boy who lost control of a Micro Uzi submachine gun and accidentally shot himself in the head in Massachusetts in late October.

The third-grade boy, who stood 4 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 66 pounds, could not control the recoil of the high-powered weapon. A Massachusetts grand jury has indicted a police chief, the gun club, and two Connecticut men in connection with the accident at the machine gun event in Westfield.

Both Republicans and Democrats described the measure as "common sense'' legislation, saying they believe that most citizens would be surprised that it was legal for minors to fire such a powerful weapon..........