Sunday, September 10, 2006

matthew costa

someone who volunteered for PEACE. i didn't know him, but i'll bet i would have liked him

Peace Corps Volunteer From Cheshire Dies In West Africa

CHESHIRE, Conn. -- A Cheshire man volunteering with the Peace Corps in West Africa has died after he was electrocuted in a boating accident there.
His funeral is scheduled to take place Sunday in Hartford.
Matthew Costa, 24, a 1999 graduate of Cheshire High School, was killed Sept. 3 while sailing on the Niger River in the nation of Mali, his family and Peace Corps officials said this week............


Anonymous said...

I am Matt Costa's mother and I know you would have liked him. He was very special. He believed in peace and harmony and he had such a sweet and gentle soul. His loss is not only deeply felt by all who loved him, but the world has lost out too.

a rose is a rose said...

there is so very little i can say to you about the loss of matt.

i CAN tell you i am more your age than his and i have always dreamed of joining the peace corps but never had the nerve. your son did.

i am sure he could have done just about anything with his young life, but he chose something so honorable, i cannot even express it in words.

i know you have a hole in your soul. i know it will always be there.


if you EVER want to write about matt you can write to me at OR you can write to glenda at the peace train

and she will help you get your words about matthew on the site.

(if you want to write about him on the peace train and are having difficulties, send it to me and i'll forward it on).
please don't feel obligated. don't feel anything other than what is in your heart.

i just want you to know this avenue is open to you

i would have written this as a private message but i didn't have your email address

i will keep you and yours in my thoughts. i am profoundly effected by your son's death and i didn't even know him. please know that