Tuesday, September 12, 2006

quite a gimmick these 'pastors' got goin' here

but hey, who am i to judge (you can't see me but i have a wicked smile on my lips)

Starving Jesus Hits Storrs
'Forty Days Of Nothing Tour' Inspires Christians

Gary Parkosewich
Posted: 9/12/06 J.R. Mahon has been chained to a pew for the past month without ever nibbling on a breadcrumb.The pastor of the Christian anti-pornography organization XXXChurch.com, who also brought National Porn Sunday to UConn last fall, stopped at St. Paul's Collegiate Church at Storrs on Sunday as part of the Starving Jesus Tour. The day marked the 36th of the 40-day trip touring 40 different cities nationwide.Mahon, along with fellow XXXChurch.com pastor Craig Gross, who was absent from the Storrs stopover, says they have been fasting throughout the entire ride. No food, except for a steady diet of juice and water.In the midst of this tour, Mahon has chained his ankle to a scratched-up wooden church pew, as a means to symbolize what he says is the lack of action the church takes in helping its community. The tour in Storrs also featured a short showing of Dave the Horn Guy, a recent contestant on the NBC show, "America's Got Talent."............

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