Saturday, November 14, 2009

no, i don't like censorship

UPDATE FROM 11/15/2009: here

and i'm not a prude and i have a good sense of humor but NONE of what i am reading about this so called 'satirical' column appeared to be very funny to me

however, i have no idea how someone can say it was harassment. i don't think it is at all. i think it's hurtful and stupid and evil. i think whoever wrote it is an ass. it's NOT funny when women are portrayed as 'hood rats', whores and full of diseases. i think the staff of the paper should have declined to publish the column because it was in bad taste. to me that's not the same as censorship. that's EDITORIAL DECISION

first we have all that shite at the central connecticut state paper (you know how it's fun to rape women then the comic where a young latina was pissed upon. yeah, real funny)

i get frightened sometime. i thought we were raising our children these days to RESPECT WOMEN.

i guess i thought wrong

fuck that. it's not funny to rape women. it's not funny to tie women up put them in a closet and piss on them. it's not funny to write a column about fucking every skanky woman in sight and brag about it to your friends and humiliate the women. it's NOT FUNNY

but no one at fairfield university seems to care about that. what i'm getting out of this story is they are ONLY worried about the paper's funding

it's an ap article so i can't print any part of it. you sure can click on the link below and read it for yourselves

Conn. student newspaper faces harassment claims

ah, never mind. i found a NON AP article!

Fairfield U. newspaper faces discipline over column’s ‘harassment’
By Linda Conner Lambeck / Connecticut Post, Bridgeport (MCT)

FAIRFIELD -- Three months after The Fairfield Mirror newspaper ran a column that some Fairfield University students found highly offensive, the independent student publication faces harassment charges before the school’s Student Conduct Board.

It’s the first time the campus harassment policy has been directed at a student organization rather than an individual, said Fairfield U. Dean of Students Thomas Pellegrino. Pellegrino also told the Mirror staff that they violated the ethical and procedural guidelines of the newspaper’s funding agreement, making it "null and void."

However, the lights are still on in the student newspaper’s Campus Center office and bills are still being paid. Pellegrino insists his intention is not to take control of the paper or subject it to pre-publication censorship. He was unwilling, however, to say what penalty The Mirror could face at the hands of the conduct board or if he is satisfied with revised policy standards recommended to him Monday by student editors of the paper.................

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