Sunday, November 15, 2009

if you're in the new haven area

please stop by the exhibit.

it is usually men who start the wars. it is ALWAYS women and children who suffer the most

Yale photo exhibit reveals horrors of Congo conflict
By Mary E. O’Leary, Register Topics Editor

NEW HAVEN — The young woman, barely out of her teens, sits on her bed with her two young children and peers out a window.

Surrounded by a diaphanous curtain of mosquito netting, the image could be an artistic reflection of a home scene.

Life for the three, however, has been anything but normal. Sophie, 20, was kidnapped and held for almost three years in the Congo bush. Raped repeatedly, she had one child in the forest and was pregnant again when she escaped.

The 7-by-10-foot color portrait, printed on fabric and photographed by photojournalist and MacArthur “genius grant” fellow Lynsey Addario, is one of 38 stunning photographs of on-going violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the particularly lethal consequences for women and children.

The exhibition, “Congo/Women Portraits of War: The Democratic Republic of the Congo,” is on display through Thursday at the Thomas E. Golden Jr. Center at Yale University and is part of several events, including a lecture series, staged to turn world attention to a war that has left 5 million dead since 1998, the victims of violence and disease.........

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