Sunday, November 15, 2009

i got more info on the column

i first wrote about here

i got the name of the creature who wrote the column in question. you know the one that says women are full of diseases. fuck them (but be protected), humiliate them, then tell all your buds the funny tales! (yeah, humor my big fat ass).
his name? C H R I S S U R E T T E. remember it. use it often. do you know chris' mother? if so, tell her what her son wrote. does chris have sisters or aunts or grandmothers? if so, tell them what chris wrote. tell them just how funny he is. and chris, take off that cap. you DO NOT DESERVE to be wearing it

Chris Surette: Worst Person in the World?"

by Jill

This may take the cake for the worst college newspaper column of all time — and that is an extremely high (or low?) bar (trigger warning on that link, and on the rest of this post).

Chris Surette is a student at Fairfield University. Chris Surette* has written what a column so bad that Fairfield University has charged the newspaper with harassment and threatened to pull their funding. The Connecticut Post characterizes the column thusly:

The controversy erupted over a satirical column in the Sept. 30 edition of The Mirror that poked fun at female students who agree to one-night stands. The “He Said” column described a female’s “walk of shame” leaving a male’s dorm, and used words like “pounding” and “hood rat” to talk guys through the morning after consensual sex.

Except Chris Surette’s column is actually worse than that — it’s basically a pro-rape manual. The point of Chris Surette’s column is that men bond over sexually humiliating women, and it’s a “victory” when everyone else sees your “victim” doing the walk of shame back to her dorm................

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Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Ok Stella... I followed back to the posts and THE post by this arsehole. I've now left a comment on the website for the school online pub. And it pisses me off too that he's wearing MY teams' cap... best said that he should shit in his hat and shove it over his head. It's OUTRAGEOUS. And ta for bringing it to light... what with all the other non-Woman news of late, the Goddess is not Good catch!

a rose is a rose said...

seems ct college papers are famous for fucking women so to speak