Thursday, November 19, 2009

un effing believable

this is beyond the pale. after canceling their insurance, then reinstating it RIGHT AFTER A HORRIFIC ACCIDENT THAT KILLED AND INJURED MANY the creatures responsible for that accident (due to negligent truck maintenance and goddess only knows what else) CAN SUE THE INSURANCE COMPANY FOR NOT PAYING?


what the hell is wrong with our system that this can happen?


it's an ap article so i can't print anything from it at all. just click the link though for the whole disgusting story

Conn. court: Truck owners in fatal crash can sue

you can also check out my friend mark robinson's (who was IN the accident) website and book,

smoke fire and angels . unlike the wilcoxs, mark is DONATING ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK TO A FUND FOR THE VICTIMS most in need.

please also note, i've read the book and it's not only beautifully and compassionately written but VERY well researched. BUY A COPY

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