Thursday, May 04, 2006

this is for YOU mr shilliday

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Hamden bakery featured in The Sopranos

(Hamden-WTNH, May 3, 2006 12:20 PM) _ A little bit of Hollywood is shining on DiSorbo's Italian Bakery in Hamden. Their prized cannolis are going to get a little prime time exposure with Tony Soprano.
by News Channel 8's Jodi Latina
If you're a fan of The Sopranos you may have already seen DiSorbo brothers Joe and Steve in a highlight promoting the next episode. Why are they hanging with the Soprano's? It's all about the holy cannoli.
DiSorbo's Italian Bakery has been whipping up delicious pastries for nearly 40 years.
"Everyone loves cannoli's ... also pronounced ga-noli which is incorrect," says Joe DiSorbo.....


Yukkione said...

great local story for them. :) I love cannoli. thanks Rose!

Unknown said...

if you're ever out my way, let me know and i'll send you home with some (HOME MADE!!!)