Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i went to see my friends b & e yesterday

the FIRST time i've been in their home believe it or not, and i've known b FOREVER. it was THE most charming home i have ever seen! it was a place i would love to live. beautiful gardens as well. lots of ravens in pictures, on rugs, hanging over a frame in the living room. i got the brilliant idea of taking some pictures JUST as i was about to leave. i shall take more when i return (i KNOW i will be back. e lent me his most prized possession; his dvd collection of xena; warrior princess. of course we're BOTH fans. b just doesn't understand). they have some wonderful mose t works on their stairwell wall. LOVELY! the seven little white heads are the seven deadly sins (of course) and they are hanging over the kitchen door. b collects all sorts of scary old dolls she finds at antique shops or tag sales. lots of WICKED clowns. creepy yet they just fit in at the same time.

(please don't forget b is the one who gave me a MILLION severed doll heads so i could decorate my area at work. i USED to have a stunning area, pinata and all!)

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