Wednesday, May 03, 2006

if i was the judge, i would have made mr bracone do the time

and when mrs gets sentenced at a later date, made HER do the time as well. i'm not one of these snooty mothers who join an organization and act all hoitey toitey BUT i take seriously parents who CONDONE underage KIDS drinking in their home. i'm glad mr bracone is going to get counceling for 'alcohol abuse' BUT if he doesn't think he has a problem we all know that counceling won't do ONE DAMN BIT OF GOOD (in all fairness i don't know if he thinks he has a problem or not)

Father Avoids Prison For Teen Drinking Party
By GREGORY SEAY Courant Staff Writer May 3 2006
A Farmington father arrested with his wife after a Jan. 13 underage drinking party inside the family's million-dollar home avoided prison Tuesday by pleading to a lesser charge, but not before the prosecutor rebuked him for behavior that outraged residents."What you did went beyond bad judgment," Assistant State's Attorney Tom O'Brien, father of a teen daughter, said in Superior Court in Hartford as Paul J. Bracone stood impassively as his co-defendant, his wife, Dawn Bracone, sat behind him. "It was illegal."Prosecution of the Bracones focused attention locally and at the state level on the problem of parents allowing so-called house parties at which minors consume alcohol. The state House of Representatives passed legislation criminalizing such acts, and the Senate unanimously approved the bill Tuesday night.Bracone, 50, the owner of a Southington metal finishing company, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of first-degree reckless endangerment. Judge Wendy W. Susco sentenced him to a suspended one-year prison term and two years' probation.Bracone at first faced at least 10 years in jail. He and his wife had been charged with risk of injury to a minor and delivery of alcohol to a minor - felonies - in connection with the keg party that authorities said attracted about 150 people, including dozens of teens, to their 10,000-square-foot home in the posh Devonwood subdivision.The father of three also must undergo counseling for alcohol abuse, which, the prosecution said, is a problem in the Bracone household. He also was ordered to pay $1,000 by Sept. 15 in each year of his probation to fund underage drinking awareness education at Farmington High School........

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Anonymous said...

You should find out what really happened and all the background on the story before you go making unrefined comments like this. The Bracones are GOOD people and they are GOOD parents.

Unknown said...

you're right i DON'T know them and i only know what was in the papers and i may be wrong BUT i do NOT in any way shape or form agree with parents allowing underaged children to drink (EVEN if they do take their car keys).

i also believe one (if not both) of the parents have been 'in trouble' with the law before including a dui.