Friday, December 23, 2005

meredith broadcasting owns wfsb channel 3

in hartford. see what meredith broadcasting is repsonsible for by going to this posting at jesus general (a REALLY great site i might add) (and YES the general is being VERY sarcastic in his letter to mr karpowicz). i initially found the referral on raw story.

(this is the jesus general posting)
Fox Carolina: News that Right and White

Paul Karpowicz President, Meredith Broadcasting GroupDear Mr. Karpowicz, I want to be the first to congratulate you for what I assume was your decision to embrace white supremacy as an editorial perspective. Your first effort, a WHNS "Fox Carolina" piece (Commenter Dayv made a screencap before Fox Carolina removed the story) on, was fantastic. It certainly convinced me that Stormfront is as mainstream as Young Americans for Freedom, the College Republicans, or GOPUSA.I don't think Stormfront has ever had more positive coverage. Fox Carolina was right to forgo any discussion of Jamie Kelso's close ties to David Duke. The "Charles Lindbergh fan" angle works much better. The same is true for how they profiled Bob Whitaker. Certainly, his brief career in the Reagan Administration is more important to viewers than the many years he's worked to end the sin of race mixing................

(this is the raw story posting)
Fox News South Carolina affiliate quietly promotes white supremacist website; Site says Fox is a member

Filed by John Byrne

A South Carolina Fox affiliate ran a story appearing to cheer a white supremacist website -- and the leader of the group says that Fox news staff are members of his white supremacy forum, RAW STORY can reveal.

The story was picked up by Jesus' General Dec. 18. Fox apparently aired a video news segment which was also pulled; RAW STORY has not seen the video. The station is owned by Meredith Corporation.
The story, which profiled white supremacist website, ran on Fox Carolina's WHNS website in late November. It is still available in Google's cache...........

i had a link to wfsb in my sidebar, but until i see a response from mr karpowicz, it has been taken away.

a copy of the broadcast can be found at think progress

do we really want to support a station whose owner(s) meredith broadcasting appear to support a racist organization? i know my answer

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