Monday, December 19, 2005

the annual visit to the shrine of tacky lights

‘s’ and i finally made it to le spigot (pronounced spee-jo to those of us in the know) on friday. we have an annual pilgrimage there at this time of year. he and i missed last year, and i didn’t want that to happen again. we go because of two things, the great juke box (although the one at the half door is better AND free – except for the overabundance of the HIGHLY OVERRATED u2) AND the wonderfully tacky christmas lights hung from the ceiling. they didn’t have as many lights up this year as in the past. it was a bit of a disappointment although we still had fun. the bad part is the yankee memorabilia is STILL all over the place. difficult for a bosox fan to sit amongst unless she is drinking stoli and tapping her foot to james brown or dean martin singing christmas carols.

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