Thursday, December 22, 2005

i have driven over avon mountain over half of my life

i have seen horrid accidents. i have almost been in horrid accidents. now, this morning another fatality. the family is in my thoughts and prayers.

people drive like asses you know (i'm NOT saying the accident victims did, i'm saying LOTS of people on that mountain and all over connecticut do). especially those in suvs and the like (don't even get me started on hummers. just because your car is bigger than mine doesn't mean it's going to stop or steer any better on ice than mine does. i am not a violent person, but i swear i would love to take a sledge hammer to the vehicles of those ass wipes.

i know a man who was in the 18 car accident on the mountain in the summer. i work with him (and have for years). he was lifestarred out and doesn't remember the accident at all. upon his return to work, we had a very long and intense chat. it was personal, so i am not going to mention any details here other than these two; i wept during our talk and he has an incredible attitude. through circumstances, i also know a cousin of one of the people who were killed in this accident. these two people, my friend from work and the person who was killed were innocent. accidents do happen, but this accident was due to negligence.

let's all think of the others on the road when we buckle up. if you don't care about your own life, how about thinking of mine?

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