Monday, May 24, 2010

a very interesting piece on that piece o' steamin' shite

known as linda mcmahon. he has a few other postings on her as well. i didn't have time to go through his blog like i should have (to be better informed is what i mean) BUT let's just say the king and i are diametrically opposed on almost everything EXCEPT it appears, linda!

the king's view

Connecticut Convention Hell - Republicans should hang their heads low

The Republican Party boasts of being the party of principle and open process. Yet on Friday night at the 2010 Connecticut Republican Party Convention, I and many others witnessed behavior that brought shame on the party, its officials, and its Chairman - Chris Healy. The Linda McMahon campaign along side of State Central officials worked endlessly to threaten, intimidate, and force delegates to switch sides and support Linda McMahon over Rob Simmons. Many of these delegates switched from Peter Schiff to Linda McMahon after it was clear that Schiff was unable to barely get to a quarter of the support needed for a win.................

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