Friday, May 28, 2010

some VERY good news

again, i'm not going to get too excited because i know what happened between lamont and da LIEbs

but i sure am OVERJOYED to see blumenthal trouncing that steamin' pile o' (VERY RICH) shite known as linder 'lets show stripper-type women getting beaten up on tv because that's a good way to educate young people' mcmahon

Buoyed by a poll, Blumenthal still steps carefully toward Memorial Day

By Mark Pazniokas

..............Earlier, Quinnipiac University gave Blumenthal good news: Its latest poll found that a majority of residents believed he misspoke, not lied, when referring to service in Vietnam. He leads Republican Linda McMahon by 19 percentage points among military households and 25 points overall..............

(i couldn't find picture credits)

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