Monday, September 29, 2008


wow, i never even thought of this. sometimes i don’t give picture credits if i link directly to a site i got them from. let’s say something knitted if i’m raving about a particular knitting pattern or the finished food product of a recipe that sounds good to me - or something or other. (i'm usually good on the nutmeg grater (most of the pictures there are local and mine) and ravings of a semi-sane madwoman but i guess i'm NOT too good on the reformed pirate

in the future i will make sure to note if a picture is NOT mine. i am normally careful about such things, but i guess i thought a direct link to the person’s site featuring the picture was good enough. my intentions were honorable. i was never trying to take credit for the pictures OR steal bandwith (i always d/l them to my hard drive)

it’s not ok and to those i have offended i apologize. i will be wicked careful in the future.

oh, that's a self portrait of me. of me BY me

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