Monday, September 29, 2008

oh da liebs


you ignorant sack o' shite. as anyone can tell you, espcially jon stewart and david letterman, mccain didn't hop in his buggy and high tail it back to dc until way AFTER the crisis began. he lied to letterman. he told him he couldn't be on his show becuase he HAD to leave to get back to dc to heal the world. did he go back to dc? not yet. he sat with the vapid ms curic for some kind of interview. did he go back to dc? NOT YET you silly! he stayed overnight in a hotel in nyc. did he go back to dc? well NOT first thing in the morning, but yes, he EVENTUALLY went back to dc to SAVE THE ENTIRE PLANET SINGLE HANDEDY

Lieberman: McCain 'important' to financial deal
Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Sunday that Republican presidential candidate John McCain's decision to come off the campaign trail and return to Washington was instrumental to the bipartisan compromise addressing the financial crisis that was forged over the weekend.

Lieberman, the Connecticut independent and 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate, said McCain showed "characteristic guts" in making the decision to temporarily suspend his campaign last week as Congress contemplated a $700 billion bailout plan for Wall Street.
"I honestly don't think that this would had have happened as timely as it did if Sen. McCain had not come back and been a bridgebuilder," Lieberman said to reporters on a conference call Sunday afternoon.

Democrats have blasted McCain's involvement on Capitol Hill, attacking the Arizona Republican for injecting presidential politics into tense negotiations.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your hatred of Couric, even more than I enjoy your disdain for McCain and The Liebs. Please share in mine, if you have a minute.

Unknown said...

i would LOVE to share..............

an anti-couric after my own heart you are!