Friday, November 03, 2006

who knew there were so many larouche supporters

that actually travel around the country mind you (where are they getting the money i wonder?). at any rate, i'm betting da liebs wished he never stopped into mayor mikes. he would have been better off taking his vagina outta his mama's handbag and GOING TO THE DEBATE

Last Call's Early For Joe As Hecklers Crash Party

By ELIZABETH HAMILTON Courant Staff WriterNovember 3 2006
Maybe he should have gone to the debate after all.Instead of joining his two main opponents for the U.S. Senate - Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Alan Schlesinger - at Quinnipiac University, Joe Lieberman opted for a relaxing night of campaigning, beer in hand, at Mayor Mike's in downtown Hartford. It was a short stop. It was also not very relaxing.Lieberman lasted maybe 15 minutes before he was heckled from the restaurant by young Lyndon LaRouche supporters, who kept popping up along the bar like gophers coming out of their holes.Singing loudly - but in perfect harmony - and throwing handfuls of fake dollar bills into the air over Lieberman's head, the LaRouche crew seemed to stun the older crowd of Lieberman supporters who gathered to hobnob with the sitting senator.Lieberman entered the bar about 7 p.m., just as the debate between Lamont and Schlesinger started playing on one of the large television screens. As he walked in, with a close-up of Lamont's head looming over the room, a LaRouche supporter, disguised in a wig and make-up as conservative columnist William F. Buckley, began yelling and throwing green "Buckley Bucks." Soon, the singing began."If you want a third world war, vote for Joe, Bill Buckley's whore," the LaRouche supporters sang. Then came a bit about impeaching Vice President Dick Cheney and about Lieberman, or Cheney - it was hard to decipher which - being something unprintable. The LaRouche youth, as they called themselves, came to Connecticut from around the country specifically to heckle Lieberman because, they said, Buckley supported Lieberman when he unseated Republican U.S. Sen. Lowell Weicker in 1988. LaRouche, an American political activist since the late 1940s, is perhaps best known for being a perennial presidential candidate............


cgg said...

Ugg I hate those guys. The jerks ruined the New London Debates.

fuzzyturtle said...

Too bad it's not on YouTube. I keep hearing how great they sing.. but I keep envisioning a psychotic barber shop quartet, with a bunch of white guys with handlebar moustaches and corny hats.

Unknown said...

c g g, like i said, i wonder where they get the money to travel from state to state. seems like a lot (if not most) of them are very young too. i know at 22, i didn't have money enough to make pit stops all over the united states. hell at my age now (WELL past 22) i don't have money to flit from state to state following candidates OR the greatful dead

f t, lol you're too funny