Wednesday, November 01, 2006

my thoughts and prayers are with the 192nd Engineer Battalion of Stratford

they should NOT be headed to iraq. that's for sure. at any rate, i will keep good thoughts out for them and all of our other men and women in the middle east. come back home SAFE AND SOUND please

30 Conn. soldiers head to Iraq

Associated Press October 31, 2006 HARTFORD, Conn. -- A battalion of soldiers from Connecticut left a base in Wisconsin on Tuesday for southwest Asia.Thirty soldiers from the 192nd Engineer Battalion of Stratford departed Fort McCoy, Wis., and will head to Iraq after first arriving in Kuwait, the Connecticut National Guard announced. The battalion left Connecticut for Wisconsin in August.The troops are scheduled to be on active duty for up to 18 months.More than 970 soldiers and airmen of the Connecticut National Guard are deployed in support of the U.S. war against terrorism.

(war on 'terrorism' my big fat ass. there WAS NO terrorism BEFORE we got there.)

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