Monday, January 02, 2012

yet ANOTHER bit of in the hood coolness

great for us and even greater for officer manson

Crime Drama Set In Hartford Coming To TV In 2012

The Hartford Courant

A fictional television series about gangs and cops in Hartford is scheduled to air in the fall of 2012, according to the show's creator, Hartford Police Officer Mark Manson.
Manson said the show, "The Second District," landed a syndication deal that will bring the series to majors cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and, of course, Hartford............

A Hartford 'Wire?'

Publication: The Day

A cop and a criminal collaborate on a new television series
It's not hard to imagine how Mark Manson, a Hartford police officer, and Felix Soto, a known criminal in the city, felt about each other upon their first meeting.
"I think (he's) like, the scum of the scum," Manson remembers thinking, "and he thinks I'm a jerk 'cause I'm a cop. I never would have thought in my wildest dreams I would associate with him."
But their mutual passion for entertainment, along with a well-connected Groton attorney, Donald L. Williams, led to a project called "The Second District," a television series they are negotiating to get on the air.............

pic: A scene from the trailer of the pilot episode of "The Second District," which creators Groton attorney Donald L. Williams and Hartford police officer Mark Manson are hoping to sell as a television show.

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