Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this really is something!

the mountain lion that got (tragically) killed here a few weeks back, traipsed all the way from SOUTH DAKOTA. that's some hike. i guess he didn't like driving on the highway either

Lion Traveled 1,800 Miles to Connecticut

By LeAnne Gendreau and Debra Bogstie

The mountain lion killed on Route 15 in Milford last month traveled about 1,800 miles to get here.
It came from Black Hills of South Dakota and traveled through Minnesota and Wisconsin before eventually ending up in southern Connecticut. This is the longest journey recorded for a land mammal and nearly double the distance ever recorded for a mountain lion, according to state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.
The animal's nickname, the St. Croix Cougar -- a mountain lion and a cougar are the same thing -- a state wildlife official said. Its journey was tracked on a Web site.............

DEEP: Mountain Lion Killed In Milford Was From South Dakota

Said Animal Traveled 1,500 Miles

The Hartford Courant
The mountain lion killed by a car in Milford in June probably traveled 1,500 miles from its birthplace in the Black Hills of South Dakota before dying on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Connecticut, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
This mountain lion's trip was the longest one documented for a mountain lion and quite possibly the longest undertaken by a mammal in North America, said DEEP wildlife biologist Paul Rego.
"It was an incredible journey that ended in a tragic death on our highway here," said Daniel C. Esty, commissioner of the DEEP............

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