Tuesday, May 24, 2011

uh oh uh oh uh oh naked man in bridgeport

naked BLACK man in bridgeport. don't these two (photographer and model) know there is NO art in bridgeport??????

Nude photo shoot on Bridgeport parking garage roof doesn't appeal to cops, residents

BRIDGEPORT -- Residents expect to see a lot of unusual things living downtown, but a Saturday incident may have topped the list.
A white man with a camera was chasing a naked black man across the roof of a parking garage, witnesses said.
"Apparently, you have to expect to see a lot of strange things when you live downtown, but after this I don't know what could possibly shock me," said a resident of the City Trust building, who asked not to be identified.
Turns out it was a photo shoot, but that didn't make it right for police...................


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VirginiaMary Art said...

Race aside, I could see that men running around nude in public would not be something parents would want their children to be around.