Wednesday, July 01, 2009

congratulations to john phillips who will be the new

west hartford director of public works. i DO have an ulterior motive for saying that though. i have been (as well as a few others i know of) calling the town of west hartford to get a burned out street light replaced on asylum avenue. i have personally been calling for well over two years. YES OVER TWO YEARS (more like 3 or 4 i think). why is it bothering me so much? well i'll tell you. the burned out light in question is right near one of those effing stupid and effing dangerous and effing ridiculous lovely traffic islands on asylum. they should be lit up as much as possible to avoid MORE accidents than they've already caused. soooooooooooooooooooooooo mr phillips how about fixing that burned out light on asylum?

years is way too long to wait to replace a light. and tell whoever answers the phone when we call to stop lying. they always say it's on the list and they'll get to it. must be an awfully big effing list if that light has been on it for over 2 years.

(p.s. seriously though, i'm happy mr phillips got the job. i am glad they promoted from within)

U.S. Navy Veteran Named West Hartford Director Of Public Works


Anonymous said...

John is one of the more hard-working, ethical guys I have ever met. We need more practical leaders like him in places of authority in West Hartford. Over all I have to say having lived all over the United States, West Hartford is maintained incredibly well - save a light here or there. I am excited to see where he takes us, he certainly did a nice job helping with the Blue Back Square project.

Unknown said...

even though i was being bratty,in my own defense, i DID say 'seriously though, i'm happy mr phillips got the job. i am glad they promoted from within'.

west hartford is fairly well maintained. no doubt about it. i like living here. i like it a lot. however, i liked it a LOT BETTER prior to black and blue square and the invasion of all the stupid hipsters drinking their lattes at the sidewalk cafes with their designer dogs and designer suvs parked a few steps away.