Saturday, March 03, 2007

goodbye to timothy's. a hartford institution (with darn good food too)

i guess the times they are a changin'. it was time to go. less customers, neighborhood getting kind of iffy (it has been a bit iffy for MANY years. never stopped me from coming to the area though)

good luck with your future choices timothy!

FELICIA DEJESUS, of Hartford, pulls the chain to turn off the neon “Open” sign — for the final time — Friday afternoon at Timothy’s Restaurant on Zion Street in Hartford.The landmark eatery in the shadow of Trinity College has closed after 32 years in business. Owner Timothy Otte said changes in the restaurant business and the neighborhood prompted the decision to close. "I don’t know what I’ll do without this place,” DeJesus said. “This is like my family here.” (CLOE POISSON)

Timothy's Says Goodbye

By JEFFREY B. COHEN, Courant Staff Writer
Timothy Otte is taking the old meat cleaver, the art on the walls, and his parents' wedding table.The rest of the stuff at the Zion Street restaurant where he has, as one customer put it, been "captain of a ship of fools" for three decades, stays.
It's not like he has a choice, Otte said as he pounded chicken breasts and baked vanilla coconut cakes on Timothy's Restaurant's last day Friday. The place's new owner bought all of the stuff inside, too.But more to the point, as one customer finished her fifth "last lunch" at the restaurant and others took home last cookies and last cakes, Otte said he remains convinced that now is the perfect time to leave the restaurant, and its stuff, behind................

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