Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ibm and lesbians (an interesting case)

in case you want to know how i feel about gay couples who want to get married, I THINK THEY SHOULD INDEED BE ALLOWED. they should have the SAME rights as everyone else. don't give me the old, 'yeah and what if a man wanted to marry his dog' argument. i don't even GET that one. what does that have to do with anything? a gay person OR a gay couple does NOT have the ability to "TURN" someone else gay. you ARE gay or you ARE NOT gay. simple. (except for anne heche that is). why should gay couples have to worry about things such as inheritance or custody of children (in the case of a death of one of the partners)? it's sad we are not advanced enough to treat EVERYONE equally

IBM Heirs Challenge Lesbian Adoption In Court

AP) PORTLAND, Maine In their 14-year relationship, Patricia Spado and Olive Watson spent only five nights apart. They lived in New York, spent summers in Maine, and shared the more practical pieces of a life together - a home, a joint bank account.But in a time long before civil unions or gay marriage, Watson wanted to ensure that her partner would be taken care of when she was no longer there. So, at a small courthouse in coastal Maine, she adopted Spado.Fifteen years later, the adoption is being challenged in courts in Connecticut and Maine as Olive Watson's family parcels out the family fortune - and contests their newfound heir.
The case, according to gay activists, is rare and offers an example of how far same-sex couples have gone to attain financial and inheritance protections that married couples take for granted........

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