Sunday, February 25, 2007

more on the meridan humane society

AND a link to another cool animal cause from pedigree (thanks anonymous for the links)
AND a special shout out to the businesses helping the shelter (especially carolyn douglas)

Community pitches in to secure the future of the Meriden Humane Society

by News Channel 8's Tricia Taskey

(Meriden-WTNH) _ The financially strapped Meriden Humane Society is getting a helping hand from a local business owners.
Tyrone is a lucky pup with a loving home and his grooming on Saturday helped other dogs and cats who are not so lucky.
The primping Carolyn Douglas did on Saturday at "For Your Paws Only" helped the Meriden Humane Society. The no-kill shelter is in danger of closing if they do not raise $80,000 in the next few months.
"I thought about what I can do and Saturday is my busiest day so I'll give as much as I can," said Douglas...........

............You can also mail a check made payable to the Meriden Humane Society to 311 Murdock Avenue Meriden, CT 06450...........

a link to contribute to the meridan humane society


a link to pedigree pet foods. for every 22 lb bag of pedigree dog food you buy, they will match the donation! there is also a link to adopt a pet.


shelterdog said...

Wondering how it is going at MHS.

Who is now on the Board?

Ideas for MHS

Put a plea out on the web site for grant writers, board members and

Lots of groups have a Sponsor a Pet button on each pet so people can
sponsor a pet.

Without good Board members who put in more than an hour a week, MHS
is going to stay in trouble. (This info is from the 2005 MHS Tax return)

In my area we have a local group of kids who do fundraising. These
kids have raise $10,000 in a year and a half! This is a group of
kids! A group of adults should be able to match that or do better.

MHS used to have Evelyn Poitras who raised $20 - $30 K a year for the
shelter. When she let the Board know she was moving out of state abck in aroudn 2004, it
seems nothing was done to put in place fundraising plans to take over
for her efforts. It appears that MHS went into the hole big time once
she was gone and has never gotten out of it.

They need a plan. Hope is not aplan.

a rose is a rose said...

i have posted again shelterdog......