Wednesday, February 28, 2007

good news

for connecticut veterans coming back from iraq and afghanistan. REALLY good news. the state is going to arrange counseling (mandatory) upon their return.

counseling will be available for the familes as well.

way to go connecticut!!!

Coping with emotional trauma after serving in war

by News Channel 8's Sara Welch

(New Britain-WTNH) _ Our military troops put their lives on the line, but when they return home some are having trouble adjusting to civilian life. More and more are coping with the stress of war long after life on the battlefield.
The scenes and sounds of war can play over and over in the minds of service members long after happy homecomings.
"We saw one guy burn to death. When he burned he was down to his bones when we got the fire put out," said "Joe", a Connecticut reservist wants to remain anonymous because of the stigma associated with mental health problems. He still struggles with what he saw in Iraq........

.................."I've been waiting almost two years before I get my first appointment with the VA to talk about PTSD to see if I have it or just talk to someone to see if I can control it or do something about it." An administrator at the VA tells News Channel 8 the average wait is much shorter than that.
Mike Fox, a Vietnam veteran who has PTSD, is skeptical and he's concerned about returning vets getting caught up in red tape.
"I went through enough and those of my generation went through enough," he said. "For another generation to go through the same thing is a sin."..........

............But now a partnership between the state and the VA will ensure that members of the Connecticut Guard and some reserve units receive mandatory individual mental health screenings upon their return.
"We will remind them three months later and that's when they say this is not as easy as I thought it was to get readjusted."............

.......Beginning next month the state is going to be providing troops and their families free mental health counseling from a network of private providers.
For more information visit
or contact the Connecticut Veteran's Centers in Wethersfield, New Haven and Norwich at (860) 563-2320

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