Monday, February 26, 2007

the old state house in hartford

(where i have been many a time. last time was for the advocate 'best of' awards a couple of years ago. we had a BLAST!) may be boarded up in june of this year. we CANNOT let that happen. it's a part of our state. it's our HISTORY

Historical society looks to state to take over Old State House

(Hartford-AP) _ Connecticut's Old State House in downtown Hartford is looking for financial help to stay open.
It just had a renovation costing more than $3 million, but unless the state comes to the rescue, visitors won't be able walk the halls of the 211-year-old Federal-style building. The Connecticut Historical Society took over operations at the Old State House about four years ago. It says it will begin boarding up the 1796 National Historic Landmark on June 30th.
Historical society officials last week appealed to state lawmakers, urging them to transfer ownership of the Old State House from the city of Hartford to the state of Connecticut. ..........

old state house

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