Friday, March 02, 2007

black and blue square (interview by JENNIFER WARNER COOPER)

of course i've already commented on ms cooper's interview with robert wienner, a rep for black and blue square which is being built in west hartford center.

jennifer asked some very good questions. mr wienner didn't answer 'em. he sure can dance around a subject like no one's bid-nez. i wonder if soul train is still on the air?

As Blue Back Rises A Managing Partner Discusses Traffic, Aesthetic Issues And Time Frame For Earning A Profit


Robert Wienner, of JDA Development Co., is a managing partner of Blue Back Square in West Hartford. The 56-year-old Avon resident spoke about the development, which is due to open this fall with a mix of stores, office space and housing.Q. West Hartford has borrowed $48 million to invest in Blue Back Square. How do you see the town recouping that?

A: It is kind of a misnomer to say that the town made an investment in this project. The town spent $48 million on $48 million worth of new public improvements, all of which were needed, and the two parking garages are less than half of that;...............


Jennifer Warner Cooper said...

Thank you for posting my work, Rose.

a rose is a rose said...

i thank you a great deal for writing it!