Tuesday, October 17, 2006

this really steams me

a while back i used to pay short term disability claims. i KNOW liars and i KNOW people who actually NEED and DESERVE the benefits. i've seen people with horrible illnesses or injuries come back to work in RECORD time and i've seen people who have a hangnail and take six months off. THIS woman really does take the cake

State worker allegedly took workers' comp while playing football

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. --A state employee who worked at a reform school was arrested Monday on charges she collected workers' compensation while playing professional football, prosecutors said.
Corynthia D. Simpson, 34, of Middletown was arrested by state inspectors and charged with two counts of fraud and one count of third-degree forgery, according to the chief states attorney's office.
Simpson's attorney, M.H. "Reese" Norris, declined comment Monday.
Simpson was out of work from the Juvenile Training School for a purported job-related injury while she was also playing tackle football for the Connecticut Crush of the National Women's Football Association, prosecutors said.
Simpson played as a defensive and offensive lineman for the Crush, which plays in what authorities called the world's largest women's tackle football league.
Simpson played in all games this season, including one in June in which she made 10 tackles, prosecutors said............

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