Tuesday, October 17, 2006

connecticut web site of the day

well, they USED to be in connecticut. now they're in ny, ten minutes from their OLD location of salisbury connecticut. close enough for me


CODE.TV recently visited our Tasting Room in Millerton NY. View the video to get a glimpse of our Tasting Room, our Teas, and Michael Harney too.
All our loose teas are available to taste and consider. Just keep in mind that there have been many who have planned for a quick stop, but ended up staying for hours, tasting tea, perusing the shop, and discussing every aspect of the world of tea! For a wonderfully detailed description of our shop, and not to mention a good bit of unqualified praise, see the comments from a recent Tasting Room visitor.
Here's what The New York Times had to say about our Tasting Room --"The tasting room is filled with teapots, teas, fancy foods, accessories, antique hotel silver, a collection of needlepoint, cottage-themed cozies and garden benches ... One wall has more than 150 varieties in gold-labeled black canisters. For tasting, canisters are arranged on two long counters, dry leaves in front on labeled covers, then small bowls to drink from."The New York Times, Sunday, July 30, 2000We're open 7 days a week, Monday - Saturday 10:00 to 5:00, and Sundays from 11:00 to 4:00Our address is Main Street, The Railroad Plaza, Millerton, NY. See Yahoo Maps for a detailed map or driving directions. (518)789-2121 .


Fuzzy Turtle said...

I'll have to check them out! We have a decent tea shop in Brookfield (Simpson and Vale, http://www.svtea.com ). I've loved GOOD tea since my sisted did an internship at IBM, and lived down the street from GH Ford in Wappingers Falls.

*sigh* *craves good brew*

a rose is a rose said...

in avon a little town west of west hartford, there was a wonderful little coffee and tea shop. the coffee trade. (well it is mostly a coffee shop).it was in a very old building. they roasted their own coffee and had antiques (for sale) in all of the rooms. it was quaint and cozy but not the least bit pretentious.

there is a mostly tea (yeah, with coffee too) cafe in hartford on farmington ave called tisane. actually my friends that own the half door own it. they have wonderful pastries and actually their food is quite good too. they also serve alcohol. i tried to give you the link but it appears they didn't renew the domain name (i'll let them know that). if you're ever in the area, do stop in there. they display local artist's works as well.

Fuzzy Turtle said...

I'll be sure and keep those in mind.. my mom loves to go to Avon when she visits, there's a big yarn store there...

I used to work with a group of ladies that preferred to 'tea' instead of having office luncheons, so our boss would wind up taking us to the Plaza for tea instead of a restaurant (I was working in midtown Manhattan). After that it became tradition. Even now, when we get together once a year or so, it's always for high tea :)

..and no we arent' all geriatric.. yet. ;)

a rose is a rose said...

i stop in the wool connection in avon ALL of the time. i do like it a lot. as a matter of fact, i stopped last friday. however, my FAVORITE yarn store is sit n knit in west hartford center. lots of cool stuff there too. LOTS. nice folk too (well nice folk at wool connection)

Fuzzy Turtle said...

The Wool Connection! That's the place.. my mother gets stuff from there all the time, using the catalog (she lives in VA*, 'Makaka-ville', she hates it when I call it that) We have some nice places up here (A Stitch In Time in Bethel, the Village Sheep) but she just can't get enough of the WC.

*I have to add - my folks live in Charlottesville, it's not REALLY Virginia. More like a NYC microcosm in VA, and that's a good thing

a rose is a rose said...

i ordered a kit there a couple of weeks ago (tried to find an online picture but i can't right now) and it came in last friday. that's why i went. it's only about 15 minutes WITH traffic for me.

even texas had cool areas which reminded me of greenwich village so i'm sure virginia does as well

i don't get down to your area much but if i do, i'll look for those stores.

if you're ever in my neck o' the woods, let me know. we can go for a tea