Wednesday, October 18, 2006

another example of my brilliance


this week at work between 11 and 1, there is a breast cancer awareness display set up. several women are staffing it. there's information and food and all sorts of things. i didn't stop yesterday and i wasn't going to stop today either, but i was walking by with someone and she stopped. there were three molded breasts made out of some kind of flesh feeling material. they were to demonstrate how to do a self examination. one had a lump in it one had a fibroid in it and i don't know what the third had in it. my friend was touching them and the woman at the display was explaining the one with the 'dimple' in it was the one with the lump/tumor. someone had decided to perform surgery on it and remove the lump. so i, in all of my glory said, 'oh some IDIOT decided to play doctor' (of course meaning someone deliberately set out to ruin it). the woman said, 'oh well, no not really. it was a mentally handicapped person who did it'. what the hell could i say? i said 'sorry' and i scrammed outta there tout suite.

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