Saturday, October 21, 2006

the animal sanctuary is finally opened!!!

please have your pets spayed or neutered so we don't have to worry about this. we have PLENTY of other things to worry about, don't we? please don't adopt an animal in the first place if you cannot handle it or you're only doing it for status or becuase you think it will match your furniture.

animals are living beings and they take time and money and care. they need love and attention.

Animal sanctuary opens

(Waterford-WTNH, Oct. 20, 2006 5:55 PM) _ Keeping canines and cats comfortable while they await a new home is the goal of the New Companion Animal Sanctuary. The Humane Society wants to make sure pets have a home-like environment.
by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj
This looks like a typical home and that is the idea.
"We wanted it to feel like a home environment for these dogs," Holly Hawkins Bourne from the Humane Society said. "The shelter is really super stressful."
When you start to walk around you see the house caters to four legged friends. Dog beds are scattered throughout the home. The cat room comes complete with a cat tree to climb on. And you might have guessed what will be tuned into the TV.
"We're getting cable installed and they'll be watching Animal Planet," she said.
It is a dog's life. The Connecticut Humane Society calls it it's Companion Animal Sanctuary. Built on 63 acres of land in Waterford with a fenced-in dog run, it is where dogs and cats go after being kept in kennels if they have not been adopted within 120 days.
The Connecticut Humane Society does not put a time limit on how long it takes to adopt one of these guys, so while they are here the idea is keep them as comfortable as possible, keeping them happier and therefore healthier............


Fuzzy Turtle said...

aw.. this is good news, especially in Connecticut where cats have NO legal protection. ACOs can't even pick them up by law.

..and it seems that cats are so much harder to adopt out because of this. There are so many just dumped or given away for free..

a rose is a rose said...

well we HAVE to convince people to fix their animals. no ifs ands or buts.


it would be WONDERFUL if there were many many many more of these sanctuaries

Fuzzy Turtle said...

Theres a place up in Falls Village called the Last Post. People can let animals stay there upon death (for a hefty fee - I think it's $5K) but they also take in the furry less fortunate. It's actually a pretty clean, nice place. I chatted with one of the ACOs in that area (caught him at the 7-11 getting coffee) and he had nice things to say about the way it's run - that's pretty rare, for an ACO to work well with an animal organization.

My next kitty may come from there, but hopefully my quartet will be sticking around for a while. I have a herd of seniors (11-15) but they're all in good health knock wood.

and you're so right about the speutering.

a rose is a rose said...

oh my that's quite the herd i'll bet.

i don't have an animal right now but when it comes time, i'm adopting.