Saturday, October 21, 2006

i for one am glad you're home lance corporal mikolajcik

i'm sorry you lost a friend. i'm sorry you got injured. i'm sorry ANY of you are over there. i want you ALL home. ALL OF YOU.

thank you for serving and thank you for continuing to want to serve (but like i said, i'm glad you're home)

Wounded Burlington Marine wants to return to duty

(San Antonio, Texas-WTNH, Oct. 21, 2006 12:25 AM) _ Just weeks ago Connecticut Marine Jason Mikolajcik was on duty in Iraq when a car bomb exploded a few feet away. Although he barely survived the blast, he is determined to head back to the front lines
by Michael Herzenberg
Bomb's are the weapons of choice for insurgents in Iraq. Lance Corporal Jason Mikolajcik was three feet from a car bomb in Falluja when it exploded.
"We were searching vehicles to come into the city and we finished with the car that was in our bay and going to the next car up and pulled in and I watched the guy squint his eyes and boom."
Second and third degree burns cover parts of the Burlington native's body, and shrapnel tore into his head...........

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